Khruangbin – The Tivoli

Captivating is not a strong enough word to describe Khruangbin Australian tour ender at The Tivoli in Brisbane on Saturday night. 

With a smaller venue – the set was intimate and sensual, yet still held fast with that classic Khruangbin funk. The jams were flowing hard with psychedelic riffs and as always, a heady baseline. 

This is baby making at its finest, my friends. The way they lay down a fat bass line under sultry cords makes ya wanna love somebody. 

The band themselves has a mysterious air about them with guitarist Mark Speer and bassist Laura Lee, having the exact same long fringed haircut and deadpan stare which we think makes them that much more appealing. 

There’s something about they way they flowed as a band that seemed effortless. 

The sound was tight, clean, funky and groovy and as a trio they were dialed in and still left us with that iconic Khruangbin feel-good soul which had the audience yearning for more. 

A surprise spicy teaser of some old school rap in their own style, such as Dr Dre’s The Next Episode and Ice Cube’s, Today Was A Good Day the audience absolutely go wild. 

White Glove as an encore topped off the already spectacular set and when the house lights came on people were boogying their way out the door into the torrential rain. A few still on a high completely unfazed by the drenching.