Mitch Lowe


Being genuine is often a trait overlooked left second or somewhere down the list but after growing up and working with Mitch everyone can learn something from him. His open nature and positive aura have found him behind much red tape and backstage antics on the live music scene.Opening up a world often left a foggy memory. It’s always a journey skipping through Mitch’s memories; we hope you get the chance to aswell! Don’t forget to say hello to him at all the music festivals!

Jaxon Brumniach


Captain of the ship, Jaxon, has spent the past 6 years behind a camera in more situations than seems possible. Met more people than he will ever remember and taken more photos than a Korean Photography studio.

His dreams are set and there will be no turning back, make sure to be a part of the adventure next time he wanders past.

Zennieshia Butts

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You can’t Fake a photo, it can vary from less then a second in time to how ever long you want to keep your shutter open. Cliché as it is a single photo can speak a thousand words whether it’s a true story or your imagination running wild about what that person is thinking in the background who brought the pet to the party or why the hell the guy in front right decided to flick you the finger.
Four years of countless miles, inspirational tunes, sleepless nights and endless battery charges brings us to one hell of a photo. Zennieshia’s just an artist trying to make it in the world of photography.


Travers Southwell

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Twenty years of age. I live for the ocean, listen to every genre of music, explore and adventure every aspect of the environment, respect and create my own fashion, appreciating different styles of art, living healthy and photographing every aspect of my interesting and unusual life. I’m currently a university student studying at USC and I look forward to traveling the world one day to uncover its beauty. Don’t be afraid to check out my blog, it would be much appreciated.

Jack Gore

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Capturing both the dark and the lighter sides of a moment isn’t as easy as you may think. It boils down to balancing highlights with shadow, mid tones with blacks . Skills that take years to perfect, Jack Gore, at 21 years of age, somehow has those talents already on his palette.

By day he can been seen making the most of the Sunshine Coasts distinct lack of swell & by night he’s creating moments that are an essential part of everyones memory. Exactly what influences or motivates this creative machine is derived from those around him and what I see as an enormous amount of passion for his work.

Leigh Walker

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Consumed by photography Leigh Walker has spent the past eight years pointing glass at anything that intrigued him. The search for creativity in each image keeps him motivated, a chance at capturing a moment in time. Telling a story that would otherwise be lost forever.
Restless nights spent side stage complied with early mornings catching sunrays through the ocean have enhanced his abilities far beyond his years.



Nico Ford

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Nico Ford Photo


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Personally I think the most minimalistic images can have the most impact on the viewer. I find it inspiring when a photographer can create a very influential image with pure 100% natural light, one lens and a camera.

I am a fully qualified photographer on paper but self-taught for my own personal style. I grew up on the beauty of the Sunshine Coast but just relocated to Brisbane to pursue some sort of carer in Photography.

Andrew Bromley

Photo 6-2-17

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Andrew has been pushing himself creatively since he start in photography, going to local shows, shooting for free, to working larger shows with international acts, photography has been a way of life, doing anything to scratch his photo itch, from shooting bands, portraits, candids, touring across Australia & having a go at videography as well with a few music projects completed for various bands around Australia.

Drive & passionate are words that describe anyways work ethic to his friends & clients.