Flight Facilities – The Tivoli

Flight Facilities – The Tivoli

Written by Jack Gobbe

Appearing in 2014 with a refined dance album that sounded at once both ground-breaking and timeless, Flight Facilities have since garnered adoring fans around the world who can’t get enough of the Sydney duo’s deep-house infused electronica. Such fans were present throughout Brisbane’s Tivoli on Tuesday, a venue renowned for rock acts but never afraid to venture further.

After a select few sold out shows in May, Flight Facilities have well and truly returned with their biggest national to date, accompanying the release of their Dustin Tebbutt collaborative track ‘All Your Love’.

The night began with a sweeping performance from The Kite String Tangle. With a discography built around melodic, percussive pieces of electronica, producer Danny Harley and his live band members offered a half-hour set of heavenly tunes that ended perfectly with ‘Arcadia’ and a crowd appeasing rendition of Fatboy Slim’s ‘Praise You’. Even Harley himself was taken aback by the love from the audience, informing everybody how he “lives just down the road” and how special this night was to him.

Having released a slew of singles over the past year, it seemed fitting for Flight Facilities to kick off their comeback tour of sorts with ‘Need You’, the standout from these recent releases. This infectiously groovy single not only introduced Flight Facilities but also a long-time collaborator and touring vocalist Owl Eyes.

The audience settled into the set upon ‘Two Bodies’, the opener to their beloved album and an ethereal track to begin with, as proven by Owl Eyes’ vocal strength. As the opening suite of tracks wound down, Owl Eyes exited the stage and prompted the Flight Facilities boys to break it down on the decks, mixing a variety of instrumental house and nu-disco tracks to keep the audience bopping along.

 In just a matter of minutes, Flight Facilities had demonstrated two sides of their talent, that is their knack for pop-oriented, vocal tracks and instrumentals born out of a love for the dance music scene. It soon became obvious that Flight Facilities were aware of their strength, as neither side of their music overstayed its welcome for too long, bouncing between the occasional track led by Owl Eyes and accompanying vocalist Ric Rufio before transitioning right back into mixing, a highlight of which included Daft Punk’s ‘Da Funk’.

On the note of covers, Rufio led a resounding cover of Jamiroquai’s ‘You Give Me Something’, which soon appeared to be a match made in heaven for both the crowd and how well it slotted into Flight Facilities’ already groovy discography. Rufio did justice to the performance of latest single ‘All Your Love’, a track that the audience was beyond familiar with, taking the performers back in awe with such recent material already a part of the audience’s fanfare.

It takes a special artist to be so broadly beloved by many for differing reasons, and you can immediately understand how Flight Facilities have reached this status after seeing them live. Equal parts nuggets of pop gold and dance instrumentals rooted in the sounds of decades prior, you can expect Flight Facilities to land in a city near you.