Yung Lean- KOKO London

Yung Lean is a growing name among internet rappers in today’s day in age as he captures people’s attention with his cartoon related lyrics and odd lonely boy appearance. Yung Lean has used the internet over the past 4 years to create an infection on young kids brains to join his 2001 cult, Sadboys. Don’t get the name confused, Lean is not depressed and neither are his fans, however they commonly refer to their gang as the Sadboys, very similar to Tyler the Creator and OFWGKTA or Rocky and the A$AP mob. The name is catchy and I think this is what appeals to these kids because who really wants to be sad? And Happyboys just sounds lame.

On Friday the 6th of May, Yung Lean and his Sadboy crew performed in London to a sold out venue with Adamn Killa as his support act. Adamn Killa, a young 19 year Chicago rapper ignited the stage with flames as his songs were heavily influenced with bass. This got the crowd rocking as they bopped their heads and held onto their bucket hats. Just days before this show, Yung Lean and Adamn Killa linked up on a track titled Ten, which really gave fans an insight into their style of music. It’s hard to categorise their genre as it’s a mix between trap rap and auto tune.

Following Adamns support, Yung Lean made an appearance, opening with Hoover, a single of his debut album Warlord. The muddy sounds echoed through the KOKO as fans repeated Leans lyrics. A Gucci scarf and Pokémon backpack was worn by Lean during his performance which really showcased his personality. His set contained a range of material expanding over his 4year career, which pleased listeners. The energy in the room was no doubt greater than I thought as kids created mosh circles and hung off support beams to capture a better glimpse of the Swedish star. As this was my first Yung Lean concert I understood why this event was popular. Its unique sound and feel creates an experience that is completely against the grain according to the industry. Lean exhibits a creativity which is uncommon to the exposed ear and therefore creates an appealing factor. Whether it’s a funky beat or wavy visual, Yung Lean continues to grow his followers as they are infected by the Sadboys disease.