The Internet – The Tivoli

The Internet – The Tivoli

Photos by Ali Rasoul


Emerging from the ground-breaking hip-hop collective Odd Future at the beginning of the decade, The Internet has crafted their own niche as a group renowned for undeniable grooves and masterful jams. Although they’re no stranger to the Australian festival circuit, this tour marked the band’s first national headline tour, with the Tivoli providing a fantastic venue for the LA-based R&B-soul quintet to showcase their latest record ‘Hivemind’.


Opener ‘Come Together’ saw the five-piece find their groove. Whether it was vocalist Syd’s soulful hooks or Matt Martians’ precise keys, it soon became apparent that The Internet are instrumentally tight-knit to say the least. ‘Roll (Burbank Funk)’ was an early highlight, with bassist Patrick Paige II’s frolicking basslines complementing guitarist, second vocalist and downright prodigy Steve Lacy’s smooth chorus.


While mostly shying away from the spotlight, Lacy shined throughout the night. His pronounced guitar work was present throughout the set, particularly in an outstanding solo during ‘Come Over’, which saw Syd triumphantly shout Lacy’s name before he appeared front and centre to let his guitar do the talking. When it came to being at the forefront vocally, Lacy didn’t falter, rather trading lush vocals with Martians to an exceptional effect.


If the band set out to showcase tracks from ‘Hivemind’, they certainly succeeded. Each track flourished instrumentally, and although Syd’s vocals occasionally sounded quiet in the mix, it never came at the risk of diminishing the quality and charm of their performance. Even so, it was undeniable that tracks from their critically acclaimed ‘Ego Death’ album found the most fanfare, with ‘Just Sayin’ providing the loudest singalong of the night as the simple albeit empowering chorus was bellowed by what seemed like the entire Tivoli.


With ‘Just Sayin’striking a chord with the crowd through its post-breakup subject matter, the subsequent ‘It Gets Better With Time’ felt apt, its mellow sound propelled by the heart-warming and motivating title refrain speaking to anything from post-breakup woes to Syd’s own bouts of depression that she shared with the crowd.


The Kaytranada-produced ‘Girl’ proved to be as infectious as ever as the band began to bring things to a close. Arguably their biggest hit, the enveloping grooves projected by Syd and company proved to be another highlight in what seemed like a night of many. While it marked their first headline tour, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that The Internet would be welcomed back with opened arms anytime soon.