Lil Uzi Vert – Eatons Hill Hotel

Lil Uzi Vert, Brisbane, Eatons Hill Hotel, 2/03

Written by Jack Gobbe

Photography by Zennieshia Butts


With the rise of SoundCloud rap in recent times, Lil Uzi Vert has stood out within the convoluted scene. Over the course of three years and a series of mixtapes, the Philadelphian artist has blurred the lines between rap and rock; channelling the likes of punk icons Marylyn Manson and Kurt Cobain to speak to young hip-hop fans.

These fans were in full effect in Brisbane, attempting to bait the rapper out through raucous chants and chatter. As such, support act DJ Horizon had his job cut out for him in the face of such fervent fans. Against all odds, Horizon unleashed more recent hip-hop hits than you could keep track of, a tactic that worked in his favour in the face of such an eager crowd. Uzi’s delayed appearance both prolonged Horizon’s set and caused immense restlessness among punters. Nonetheless, Horizon stood his ground and should be commended for holding back such an eager crowd with crowd-pleasing bangers.

After testing the patience of the crowd, Lil Uzi Vert finally arrived to raucous fanfare. An opening triple threat of ‘Two’, ‘Sauce it Up’, and ‘444+222’ warned any naysayers that you couldn’t hold Uzi back. Bopping around the stage, he may as well have been a figure of worship to the audience, who reacted to every song with immense excitement. His own love for his fans was equal to their adoration, making frequent trips to the barrier to interact with his devotees and occasionally sign their belongings.


Treating the crowd to one of hip-hop’s biggest hits in recent times, the performance of Migos’ ‘Bad and Boujee’ saw the crowd erupt in excitement as Uzi performed the feature that arguably propelled his career. Nonetheless, among the string of recent tracks that have seen Uzi rise to stardom, he devoted older cut ‘7AM’ to his early SoundCloud days, stirring the most die-hard of fans to reminisce on Uzi’s rapid success.

Despite the frantic nature of the set, any concerns of the crowd losing momentum were quelled with the arrival of Uzi’s now iconic hit ‘XO Tour Life’, with every lyric and the notoriously catchy hook bellowed by the relentless crowd. The response was so strong, in fact, that Uzi abruptly cut the subsequent song in order to play his mega-hit once more, summoning his legion of fans one last time before exiting the stage without a word.

Any naysayers of Uzi or the mumble rap scene in general only have to look at his live performance; an explosive exhibition of the new age rapper’s undeniable talent and influence. If they weren’t already, all eyes should be on Lil Uzi Vert.

Written by Jack Gobbe

Photography by Zennieshia Butts