The Killers - Brisbane Entertainment Centre

Live Music / Mitch Lowe / Rob Loud

The Killers – Brisbane Entertainment Centre

Written by Mitch Lowe, @mitchlowephoto

Photos by Rob Loud, @robloud


You know that feeling when your running late to an important meeting. You’re 5 minutes away but stuck behind a slow truck dragging itself at 5km/hr.

Imagine knowing Mr Brightside is currently being played live 1km away from where you are stationary at roadworks. The pain was real.

The start of the adventure to see The Killers in Brisbane was one of frustration and patience testing. Time felt like it passed so slowly as I checked my watch every metre forward we rolled through the horrors of the Bruce Highway.

We finally broke free and as we drove through Brisbane Ent Centre it was like a ghost town. Everyone was in the presence of the legends but us.

There was something special about being late to the concert though, a euphoric feeling. As the ushers opened the doors to the concert hall, we walked in to a packed crowd already high on the vibe after hearing tracks like Mr Brightside, Spaceman and Somebody Told Me.


The biggest highlight of all was one of the best and most underrated tracks to come off Hot Mess, All These Things That I Have Done. Their was a soulful/gospel like vibe to the performance with backup singers filling the packed out before drowning it in confetti and streamers before they rolled into the encore.

For the encore, support act Alex Cameron joins the Killers on-stage for his song, Runnin’ Out of Luck before

When You Were Young topped off an unforgettable night with a final bow from Flowers.

This band has released hit after hit across a decade and a half, and there are no signs of slowing down.

The Killers forever killing it.