KC & The Sunshine Band – Sirromet Winery

What an amazing afternoon I have lined up!

Im on my way to A Day On The Green’s KC & The Sunshine Band’s stop into Queensland’s Sirromet Winery and I must say I am full of excitement to see acts like Sister Sledge, Village People and Marcia Hines in support of KC.

Arriving around 3:30pm to a sea of cars directed through rolling valley hills to their car parks, I find my way to guest services to get my pass for tonights show. Next minute I am sitting in the back of a buggy passing through the backstage gate. Talk about VIP!! I could see people looking at me thinking ‘Should we know her?’, ‘Is she someone special?’ or ‘WOW that’s a bit early in the day to be getting kicked out!’ haha TICKET SORTED!

Mitch Lowe Photo - KC & The Sunshine Band-25

I entered the venue a full ampitheatre of punters wielding camping chairs and blankets on grassy slopes overlooking the massive stage. With speakers placed throughout the ampitheatre, the sound was never going to be a let down.

The venue was well set up with food and drinks to either edge of Sirromet, covering high end takeaway as well as the classic carnival foods.

So first things first, time for a nice cold sav blanc. After all I can’t visit a winery and not sample the grapes. WINE SORTED!

The vibe here is electric! So many people in fancy dress, emulating The Village People with feather headdresses and hard hats. From the ‘normal’ to the funky, everyones moods were high. You just know this afternoon is going to be fun!

Mitch Lowe Photo - KC & The Sunshine Band-21

First up was Marcia Hines. Looking fantastic in a metallic blue gown. She is an amazing performer and a timeless rocker! She instantly had the audience connected. Everyone of all generations were on their feet bopping around and belting out every word of the songs we all grew up with including myself.

After Marcia, we had the infamous Village People. With Victor Willis hitting every note, sounding just like he did while I was a teenager when YMCA took over the country. Everyone knew it then and this afternoon proved its timeless stamp on the world. They had thousands on their feet with their arms shaping up YMCA in many styles, as well as crowd favourites like Macho Man and In The Navy getting people grooving.

Mitch Lowe Photo - KC & The Sunshine Band-15

Between acts we had DJ Master Baitz dropping the classics while dancing around stage getting everyone pumped up for the next act.

Sister Sledge far from disappointed. Dressed in black with loads of bling, their funky disco vibe had everyone from grandparents to teenagers vibing off their 70s and 80s hits such as We Are Family and Lost In Music. They had such an energy onstage and you just knew they were having as much fun as we all were!

At this stage, everyone having had an abundance of good food and wine, the mood of the crowd was getting more fun and festive as the night went on.

Mitch Lowe Photo - KC & The Sunshine Band-33

The time had come and everyone was waiting for this moment! With our boogie shoes on, KC & The Sunshine Band graced us with a disco ball lighting up their stage. Sounding exactly like they sounded like over 40 years ago, KC opened with big hits Give It Up and Shake Your Booty. The distinct sound of their brass section that KC were notoriously known for was pumping out the disco vibe that I remember so well, while dancers with feather scarves got the crowd pumped even further.

Mitch Lowe Photo - KC & The Sunshine Band-62

Looking at the people surrounding me I realised I definitely wasn’t the only one reminiscing the times in our lives that we could associate their hits with.

One hour and fifteen minutes of absolute entertainment from KC as well as the amazing acts in support and the day has come to an end. It was a fabulous day including more dancing than I have done in years.

Big thanks to all the acts, A Day On The Green and Sirromet Winery! Now for the journey home… No I’m not driving!
Written by Bronwyn B.
Photos by Mitch Lowe Photo

Mitch Lowe Photo - KC & The Sunshine Band-66