Jungle – The Tivoli

Jungle – The Tivoli

Written by Tommy Noonan

Photos by Claudia Ciapocha


Obviously the only way to kick off Jungle’s show in Brisbane was with an authentic, jungle drum beat. From there they amped it up into funky dance tunes. 

With an understated stage visuals they had plenty of room to play around with the lights and boy did they not disappoint. The light show could have stood alone as a spectacle of entertainment. 

The audience went wild at the beginning of every tune and were held captivated, through every jam. 


As a 7 piece funk band they brought the primal beats that the audience was craving. 

Their music envoked a primal sense within the audience that kept them mesmerized through till the last beat dropped. 

This is booty shaking music. The venue was packed from wall to wall. 

Not to mention the dance party that was incited on the balcony. One small individuals tail feather shaking soon turned into a raging dance floor of 20 through till the last encore.