Flatbush Zombies – KOKO London

From 2010, a spot light was shined on New York Hip Hop as a bunch of artist’s broke doors to create a modern east coast movement for the city. This movement soon put a bunch of names on the world stage from which have been turned into Hip Hop superstars. Some of these names include A$AP Rocky, A$AP Mob, French Montana, Joey Bada$$, Pro Era, Action Bronson and of course Flatbush Zombies.

The Flatbush Zombies consists of 3 members known as Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice and Erick ‘The Architect’ Elliott. The 3 friends from high school started making music in the late 2000’s and put out their first mixtape in 2011 titled ‘D.R.U.G.S’. Their music is heavily influenced by experimenting with psychedelic drugs such as mushrooms and LSD. The concept behind their work is to create a piece of art that is open minded. This project for many was confronting and controversial as the group discussed topics and issues that were unheard of. However, because of their brave decision to talk their suicidal tendencies it opened doors for many new artists to talk about these issues openly. Following ‘DRUGS’ came their second mixtape known as ‘Better Off Dead’. This mixtape received huge recognition from the hip hop community as fans soaked up their dark twisted world. Moving through the years Flatbush Zombies have worked with a number of artists to experiment their sounds and produce hits from which everyone loved. In 2016 the Flatbush Zombies released their debut independent album, 3001; A Laced Odyssey. Every note on this album was written from scratch by their producer and member Erick Arc Elliot. This then makes this piece authentic and loved by music lovers.

Following the success of their first album the boys from Brooklyn have been touring to sold out audiences across the world. This week the Flatbush Zombies kick started their European tour at the KOKO, London. Supporting the Zombies was A$AP Mob member, 12vy. His 90’s flows were a huge hit with London’s crowd as they sang along and grooved to the beat. 12vy has made a lot of headlines this year with new music such as LYBB (Last Year Being Broke). From a smash single, 12vy has managed to accumulate a lot of recognition from his peers and has made fans very eager to hear ‘2127301090’, his new mixtape.

Once 12vy had warmed the crowd up, the voice of Jewice was spoken over the speakers. Jewice used wrestling references to introduce each member of the gang before entering the ring himself. The trio hit the stage with such energy that you could feel the room expanding. The performance was composed by the zombies feeding off the crowd’s excitement. The infection had a widespread effect on the KOKO which left no one unsatisfied. Their set consisted of them dipping back and forward between their earlier mixtapes and new album. Sonically this performance sounded amazing. The three friends supported each other very professionally during the show. Their use of stage space and interaction was incredible. The smell of sweat and weed surrounded the venue as Meechy decided to join the mosh. Overall I would highly recommend seeing the Flatbush Zombies live. However, I would also issue a warning, informing the public that this show is not for the light hearted. You need to be prepared to see blood and possible broken bones.