Boom Bap Festival 2016


This year, SaveTonight was fortunate enough to attend and capture the UK’s biggest Hip Hop Festival, Boom Bap. The weekend long festival was located in north England and provided music lovers a raw experience of Hip Hop talent. The festival began with people flooding through the gates to find the best camp sites that were on offer. As the afternoon kicked off, people made their way to the main stage from which they prepared for an unbelievable night. There was no rain, however dark clouds covered the stars from which then created a real dark atmosphere. As soon as Split Prophets hit the stage, people transformed into animals. From then on the night turned up with incredible acts that were playing back to back.

As the acts carried out I noticed a few stand out artists which really create a unique vibe.

1. JMAN knows how spit and his hair is incredibly long. Definitely the longest dreads at the festival.

2. Da$H and the Blackout boyz are wild performers. There was nothing that Da$H didn’t do without having huge reactions as he jumped into the crowd and sparked darts on stage.

3. Dirty Dike had a huge introduction as fans anticipated a rude boys set. Dike displayed an incredible stage presence as he moved from side to side in such a professional manner. By that point I think almost the whole festival was at his stage to see him perform.

4. Clocking back a few years, 90’s hip hop fans drawled from their mouths as they were treated with special guests Task Force. The 90’s duo were outstanding as they educated the younger audiences members about real hip hop.

As soon as the main stage closed, everyone flocked to Square One to continue the party and catch a rare glimpse of Cult Mountain.

5. The Six One Six boys did not disappoint as they mixed and matched their old and new tracks. The 4 scum bags had kids screaming from the bottom of their lungs as they told the audience not to make any noise. This set would have to be my most memorable from the festival. I had waited years to see these boys live and I was not disappointed.

6. Following Cult Mountain, Elf Kid made an appearance as he partied with the night owls until the stage was closed.

As the birds started chirping on the second day, people popped their heads outside their tents to experience sun rays beaming down on their face. The Boom Bap Gods were on our side as there was no rain for the rest of the weekend. The smell of smoke woofed around the camp grounds as people waked and baked and began their day. By the afternoon people had begun drinking and the party had started. Day 2 was up and running early as fans scooped out Disorda and then moved onto the main stage.

1. Flip Tricks had the crowd waved after the first song and created a day party that was unforgettable.

2. Cult of the Dammed was yet another 616 classic. The boys tore the stage apart as they used their foul mouths to curse society. They were supported with many special guests which mad this set unmissable.

3. Trellion and Sniff showed the other artists how champions do it. There derogative lyrics were supported by giving the bird.

4. Danny Lover and blah records were really on point as they pranced around the stage. The Canadian Playboy showed the UK what he had to offer from which fans cheered.

5. As the sun set over the main arena, A-F-R-O and The Rugged Man hit the stage. This set was controversial as Ra The Rugged Man had lost his mind by inviting the whole audience onto his stage. As people jumped over the barriers you could see the stage bending. Luckily the stage manager pulled the plugs and wouldn’t continue until the stage was clear. Despite this little hick up, the set was incredible to watch. Never have I seen someone rhyme so quickly as A-F-R-O. I would highly recommend A-F-R-O to anyone who likes speed rhymers.

6. D Double E, closed the main stage with his huge catalogue of hits.

The night was not over as people then flooded back to the Square One tent to experience some heavy UK Grime.

As folks woke up on the Sunday, the mood was a tad slower. People were hungover and bruised. This didn’t stop everyone though, as you could still hear the yahooing from the camp sites. The stand out performers from Sunday would have been Ocean Wisdoms and Blade. There were also special guests such as Skinny Man who really lifted up Boom Baps vibes.

As Monday rolled around, it was hard to say goodbye to such an amazing weekend. I would like to say a big thank you to all the hard working staff and volunteers who contributed to the weekend. Your hospitality was very welcoming and made the event so much more enjoyable. Boom Bap is an amazing festival which is non-judgemental and offers artists the opportunity to display their creativity. There needs to be more events like this In the world.

I hope to see this festival continue into the future.

Many Thanks