Angus & Julia Stone – Concert Hall, Perth

Reconnecting from several solo projects, the brother-sister combo, Angus & Julia Stone brought out their 5th endearing, soulful album, Snow. The international superstar duo has won the hearts every destination they have blessed and tonight was no exception.


As the long line slowly filters into the venue with an age diverse crowd trying to nab the best spot young Ruel strolls onto the stage to set the mood and prepare the crowd. Immediately there was no hiding the raw strength in his voice as him and his band played through Golden Years, Don’t Tell Me, a Like A Version he was able to join a cover of John Legends’ Who Did That To You and other unreleased songs. His brief set was a feature of flawless transitions, charm and charisma while he warmed up the crowd for Angus & Julia Stone.


The time was here, the stage was set, we were ready and there was a hypnotic totem pole in the background readying our minds for the mind-blowing performance to come. Angus & Julia Stone made their way onto stage and before we could stop cheering they got straight into Make It Out Alive. Preparing for a large showcase they headed into a lengthy transition into to You Will Know and Sleep Alone. Their combination of intimate vocal power and various guitar usage trapped the room in a warm orange like trance. Their golden ambiance made it feel like we were in a floating cabin in an endless void of their dulcet voices. Supporting this effect was the hypnotic totem pole had begun to light up, allowing their transcendent tunes to become reality.


The more songs that they played the more present the bond that the duo shared was. Picking up the pace while using their intriguing, artsy visuals behind them they shared the mic into Chateau, a single release from Snow. Taking a break from their soulful hippy rock they kicked it back a few years for a slower, intimate touch introducing Wherever You Are where Angus wowed us through his harmonica skills, sending beautiful chimes through our sweet souls. Bloodhound and Private Lawns picked back up the dancing and opened the area for Julia to take it away with a gazing trumpet solo. Holding us all in the palms of their hands they isolated us in a world of warm, hazy vibrations while they showcased an amazing amount of talent and passion. Letting Angus grab the wheel saw his alter ego Dope Lemon come to light and rock out to Uptown folks as Julia helped a little in vocals and percussion but mostly she blissfully twirled and danced around the stage like the most carefree angel.


Tailoring the back end of the show and invoking deep emotion in us all, Just The Way You Are led up to the most anticipated part of the night, Big Jet Plane. Making us all feel like we were floating in water as vibrant lights kept our consciousness awake, the duo played a calm, acoustic rock rendition of the big hit. As the crowd sang the song with the them they were wowed by the reception they were getting from the first show of the tour. Keeping the goosebumps alive, Julia went straight into For You. A love ballad that featured the banjo, more trumpet and a crowd full of gazing, heart felt singers to help her out with the intensity that came with the song. Their beautiful interactions with the crowd were everything we had hoped for as they floored through Oakwood and Baudelaire.


After introducing their band to the “perfect crowd’ they took into the title track and what was their last song Snow. It was soft, surprising and a tasteful wind down to this spectacle. As the prop snow fell and they walked off the stage, the chants of an encore already took over the venue and of course, they provided. The hefty Who Do You Think You Are was the final close to this deep sea, totem pole universe they had created. More layered, enchanting vocals and endearing guitar held us all in the same trance they had trapped us in at the start of the show and was the absolute perfect, beautiful ending to this euphoric experience.


Their innate ability to rock out for over an hour and a half with new and old songs shows their dedication and passion for the music they make and us as fans. They held a sparkly, baby pink aura throughout their breathtaking show. It was complex, intimate and captivating and was one of the most magical nights I have been blessed to be around. There are almost no words to describe a duo like this other than angelic. The vortex of emotions they were able to portray through the passion and talent, both sonically and visually was absolutely astonishing and these words DO NOT do them justice. Angus & Julia Stone’s beauty is definitely one of the greatest things to come out of Australia and they truly live up to their name.

Photos by Perry McLaughlan (Perrywinkle Photography)

Words by Lachlan Eunson (Review from The Tivoli, Brisbane)