The Plot 2016

From the get go, The Plot Festival was explosive. Walking into the gardens you could already hear the booming bass and hypnotising hooks coming from the ‘High Society’ stage where Mallrat was jamming with E^ST on their track Get Money. Mallrat’s stage performance was pretty nonchalant, although equally endearing as she hopped around, ending her set with her track Inside Voices– the crowd was quite large considering it was the beginning of the day, and they all sang along to the hook, “I just sit inside in silence”.


Jumping over to the ‘Duck Pond’ stage, Amy Shark brought along her booming vocal, which really mesmerises a crowd. Her track Adore You was a clear stand out has it just shone with emotional angst and passion. She covered an Eminem tune, which was a bit of a plot twist considering her genre- although she really killed it! Dorsal Fins filled up the ‘Future Sailors’ stage not only with their booming sound and multi-instrumentalists but the members of the band, as theirs ten of them- loitering around all at once. There’s never really a dull moment when grooving to their tracks!


They ticked all the boxes in their opening tune Mind Renovation– the trumpet riff throughout the track proving a real earworm as they bounced around the stage in this mesmerising chaos. Ocean Alley over on the ‘Duck Pond’ stage seemed to really kill it- they seamlessly fused beach rock and reggae and all together really had a unique and interesting look on stage- their loyal fans in the front row droned out the words really encouraging the band to dig deep in their stage craft. Their track Yellow Mellow is a really cool, so good just to chill out to, during the set lots of people towards the back were just swaying around, super engrossed in the summer sun.


The Belligerents lead vocalist is really something…groovy? Dressed in white he pranced around, his arms waving in all direction and body moving in ways I haven’t seen someone’s move unless they are severely affected by drugs. Honestly, it was hard for anyone to look away and during their track Caroline and as the set continued on and on and to end his dancing just got wilder for the tune In My Way– as if that was even possible. Ziggy Alberts warmed the stage with his wise words in the intro to his tracks; something about his presence was soothing in comparison to every other act from The Plot. His busking style of performance was effortlessly stunning; The Ocean Song was the standout of the set, his everyman storytelling, percussive guitar and his dense vibrato really shone through Parramatta that afternoon.


Moving back over to the ‘Duck Pond’ stage, Vera Blue commanded the crowd with her gorgeous folk-like melodies and vibrato mixed with hints of electronic ambience and build up’s. She began with her track Fingertips off of her debut EP of the same title, the little acoustic ditty became rounded with her band booming in the back. Her version of Jack Garret’s Breathe Life honestly gasped the air out of the crowd, their was something transient going on when her vocals spilled out, like it was the most natural thing in the world. Nicole Millar graced the stage with her stunning presence, each time she steps on stage her performance and confidence just sours higher then the last. She began with her track, Tell Me in which she sings with Golden Features- the track really got everyone pumping around the small stage, her set was the most packed on the ‘High Society’ stage from the whole day.


Jumping over to the ‘Duck Pond’ stage Ivan Ooze really, “brought the fire” with his erupting performance filled with stunts and flips and just flawless stage antics and raps. His track Fire came with intense sing a longs and hands in the air, the crowd getting more hyped then they’d been all day. They ended with the track Bills that got everyone really raging. Alex Lahey after her set being swapped and messed around she finally got on stage as the rain started pouring down. She played her track Wes Anderson as the crowd danced around majestically in the mud, Wes Anderson proving the perfect soundtrack for the rainy night. “This is for the arts degree undergraduates,” she exclaimed before ploughing into Ivy League from her debut EP B- Grade University.


Allday was the perfect end to an unreal day. The energy seamed to clock up to one thousand as he started his track Grammy– the crowd were extremely loyal, it was as if not one person in the audience was lost for words, everyone singing along. Allday’s raps were faultless as he never missed a beat, his rhythmic rhymes bursting through the speakers during Wolves. This, really contrasting the set happening over on the ‘High Society’ stage as Japanese Wallpaper flowed with his beautiful and mellow tunes, his voice vibrating through the speakers almost lulling the crowd to a softer finish especially with his newest track out, Cocoon.


Written by Sara Tamim

Photography by James O’Connor