Party In The Paddock 2017

I was lucky enough to head down to Tasmania and work with Party In The Paddock this year alongside Charlie Hardy!

The epic lineup consisting of The Smith Street Band, Hermitude, SaveTonight buddy Paces and the last of Sticky Fingers live shows for an indefinite future definitely got us excited for the trip south!

Check out the gallery from an epic two days in one of the most beautiful festival venues I have come across!

Day one consisted of Aussie heroes The Smith Street Band, local legends Luca Brasi and the rapidly rising Tash Sultana.

Shots by Mitch Lowe


Isla Ka > The Sleepyheads > Gold Member Skeggs > Montaigne > The Bennies > Luca Brasi > Tash Sultana >

The Smith Street Band > Paces

Mitch Lowe Photo - PITP 2017-5

Mitch Lowe Photo - PITP 2017-33

Mitch Lowe Photo - PITP 2017-61

Mitch Lowe Photo - PITP 2017-85

Mitch Lowe Photo - PITP 2017-96

The Saturday morning rise was a cold and misty one. The Tasmanian valleys surrounding us were filled with fog and sheep. My tent was shorter than my body and my sleeping bag had swallowed me whole but when you have acts like Sticky Fingers, Trophy Eyes and Remi to look forward to, it is all worth it.

A day consisting of skating, hot air balloon mishaps, a festival dress up riot and a ton of amazing live music, you’d be stupid to not check out day two below.

Carl Renshaw > Sumner > Knife Hands > The Bad Dad Orchestra > Planet > Lyall Moloney > The Vanns > Sampa The Great >

Boo Seeka > Trophy Eyes > Kim Churchill > Guthrie > Vera Blue > Remi > Sticky Fingers Akouo > Hermitude > KLP

Mitch Lowe Photo - PITP 2017-115

Mitch Lowe Photo - PITP 2017-136

Mitch Lowe Photo - PITP 2017-144

Mitch Lowe Photo - PITP 2017-167

Mitch Lowe Photo - PITP 2017-173

Mitch Lowe Photo - PITP 2017-179