Paramore – Riverstage

Having carved their way through many genres of music and music history over the last 14 years, Paramore found themselves back in Brisbane after a 5-year break, to finish the Australian leg of their “Tour 4”. Their fans have been at the edge of their seats to see them in the flesh once again after the release of their recent eclectic record ‘After Laughter’.


A slow, windy start to the night found all the patrons who were heading to the show waiting under cover outside the venue due to a very enraged storm that came rolling through Brisbane’s CBD. After over and hour, a few singalongs in the crowd and a big pile of doubt, the show went on and the gates opened. Unfortunately, because of the masses all trying to get in at once, the line had tripled in size and I was only able to hear Bleachers prep the crowd from outside of the venue. Their happy go lucky synth tones travelled into us all and amped up the near 7000-person crowd as they blazed through songs like Don’t Take The Money, I Wanna Get Better, Rollercoaster and Goodmorning. Having spirits lifted with some awesome jumpy rock vibes, I had entered the gates and it was time for the show we had all so patiently waited for, PARAMORE.


One of the fastest stage changes and sound check happened due to time constraints but as the almost ritualistic light cut happened, they were here. As the very age diverse crowd screamed, Paramore and their performing band rolled on stage and into Hard Times, a single from their latest release After Laughter. after the crowd was prepped the band immediately threw it back a few years with a surprisingly rock heavy Ignorance and Still Into You as their insane visual show of pulsating light bars that covered the entirety of the stage lit up the sky. A giant, almost double the size of a trampoline aerial light fixture encapsulated the minds of everyone present. Hayley Williams’ incredible energy shrouded us all in enthusiasm while she angelically danced around the stage while holding us all in the palm of her hands.


After seeing the band rock through a few tracks, all of the wait and rain was worth it as they continued on with their eclectic line up of rock and synth jazzy tracks, taking into Forgiveness, Fake Happy, Thats What You Get and I Caught Myself. Somehow, they managed to instill their new pop rock vibes into tunes from their previous albums and into us all with a continued outstanding light show, throwing a pastel haze over us all. Being so versatile in every aspect they allowed the inner 14 year olds in us all to rock out in an encouraging environment. Having to blaze through their tunes before their time was up due to restrictions, they took into a personal favourite and more from the new album, Pool, Hate To See Your Heart Break, Caught In The Middle, Told You So and Idle Worship. The lights thus far had been smooth, fast and beautiful, seriously transporting us to another hypnotic dimension.


At this point it had been just over an hours worth of playing and we knew that the show would nearly be ending as Hayley took a moment to acknowledge the band and all of us for being there with them throughout all the years. It was a complex yet loving homage to the next song that caught us all off guard. Misery Business started to play and we all lost our footing in a barrage of jumping and singing. It was the moment we had all been waiting for and they even brought up one eager crowd member to sing the final chorus in the song, which was both heartwarming and inspiring. Bringing the show to what seemed like the end was Ain’t It Fun, but we all knew that time wasn’t up yet. An encore was expected and that’s what we got. As Hayley walked back in to a cheering crowd, “You rang?” came through the speakers before getting straight into Grow Up, French Noise (bringing a member from Bleachers out to sing one of their own) and Rose-Coloured Boy.


Tour 4 was everything we thought it was going to be and much, much more. Their show was loud, energetic and immersive. The lighting, their sound, attitude and their appreciation for us was uncanny and unparalleled. Hearing the crowd roar at every song break was refreshing and delightful through a barrage of old, new and groovy tunes. Visually, it was easily one of the most insanely beautiful shows I have ever been seen, as well as being totally googley eyed over Hayley Williams. Every bright, vibrant, tantalizing colour that you can think of is absolutely what Paramore were. Amazing.


Written by Lachlan Eunson

Photos by Nico Ford