Metro Boomin – The Tivoli

Metro Boomin – The Tivoli

Written by Harry Bain

Photography by Mitch Lowe

Mitch Lowe Photo - Metro Boomin - The Tivoli-5

As I arrived at the Tivoli at about 7:30, the deep sound of thumping bass emanated out onto the street. The venue was oddly quiet and the crowd reserved as I entered and watched as a DJ played the typical trap bangers you would expect from a Metro Boomin gig. I was however surprised to discover that the DJ up on stage was apparently the first of three support acts and that Metro Boomin would not be taking the stage for three hours. The wait begins.

People stand around, drink and chat as at least four DJ’s walk on and offstage over the next few hours. The DJ set seems to mostly consist of premixed playlists and I couldn’t help but feel that more than an hour of this was a bit much.

At about 9:20 Brisbane rapper Carmouflage Rose (yes that’s Carmou not Camo) took to the stage. He’s full of energy but it takes a while for the audience to become interested. Some of his songs sound pretty good but his performance is constantly interrupted by his own shoutouts which sells him slightly short. After performing for about half an hour the DJ comes back out again and the wait resumes.

Mitch Lowe Photo - Metro Boomin - The Tivoli-43

Over the last few hours the Tivoli has filled up to an acceptable audience and finally, at about 10 p.m. Metro Boomin takes the stage to the ecstatic yelling and applause of the hundreds of people who were well and truly ready. His set begins with the sound of air horns and Future’s Thought it Was a Drought which he produced back in 2015 closely followed by another one of his biggest creations, Migos’ Bad and Boujee which worked up the crowd rather nicely. Behind Metro are visuals of tanks, artillery and grenades, which I felt was only appropriate, and throughout each song Metro adds in his own live adlibs as well as one of his most famous lines – “If Young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon shoot you”.

The set continues with some of his biggest hits from Future, Migos, 21 Savage and Drake, which was to be expected. A few tracks that he didn’t produce also feature throughout the set such as Drake’s God’s Plan that was produced by Boi-1da, and Bobby Shmurda’s Hot N***a produced by Jahlil Beats, which both have the entire building shaking.

Despite that the set was somewhat premixed, Metro interacted with the audience and his mixing deck enough to keep things interesting. Members of Metro’s entourage danced to the side of the stage as he played Drake and Future’s Jumpman, and you couldn’t help but sing along to Drake’s Hook in Both by Gucci Mane. All this was made even better by the fact that he actually seemed stoked to be there. Metro seemed to be truly thankful for his fans, a sentiment which he reiterated over and over throughout the set. He mutes a track to say that he loves Australia ‘so fucking much’ and that the Brisbane crowd has been the loudest all week. He can’t contain his excitement, you can tell he’s having a great time by the giant smile plastered over his face. For a man who is usually behind the scenes it’s nice to see him taking centre stage and getting the credit he deserves.

Mitch Lowe Photo - Metro Boomin - The Tivoli-72

Nearing the end of his set he announced that last year one of his songs went 7 times platinum, that he was once again appreciative and loved his fans, and that it was the song he was going to go out with. As the intro to Congratulations by Post Malone started the crowd erupted with cheering. Whilst he danced around the stage I couldn’t help but think that the song was about him. Metro’s 7 times platinum creation is about coming up from nothing and becoming something, perhaps shadowing his own climb from obscurity to one of the biggest hip hop producers of all time; it was a great choice to end the set.

It’s hard to deny that Metro’s beats are infectious and he manages to consistently deliver hit after hit. Even though the night started out slow, Metro well and truly saved the evening. He played a great set and the people got what they came for. It was an intensely hyped up, bass heavy performance from one of the biggest names in modern hip hop today.

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