Mac DeMarco – Fortitude Music Hall

Mac DeMarco – Fortitude Music Hall

Supports from Pond and Chai

Written by Jacinta Butts

Photos by Mitch Lowe

Its been a minute since Canadian singer/songwriter Mac DeMarco has graced an Australian stage.

Following the release of his album ‘Here Comes The Cowboy’ mid last year, the super quirky muso has been trotting from city to city bringing his sweet tunes to ears around the globe.

On Wednesday the 15th of January our little ears were the lucky ones. Playing at Brisbane’s favourite new music venue the Fortitude Music Hall. Chai, Pond and Mac DeMarco brought to us the best gig I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing in a long time.

Opening the stage was Chai, an all female, all Japanese, all full of pink sparkles and rainbow energy, four part Alt Rock band from Nagoya. Known for their cute as hell looks contrasting against their badass attitudes onstage. Ofcourse fan favourite song ‘Fashionista’ had the crowd singing along while Chai harmonised to perfection. Chai were definitely a spin I didn’t think a Mac tour would take but man it was entertaining.

200115 - Mac Demarco - Mitch Lowe Photo-3

Next we had Pond. Oh, Pond. Honestly if I wasn’t there to see Mac, I’d be there to see Pond (as some guys behind us noted during their first song ‘Hand Mouth Dancer’). If these guys announce a tour soon (being Perth locals I have no doubts they will) I HIGHLY recommend being hypnotised by their psych rock/psych pop tunes and of course being mesmerised by the uber eccentric frontman Nick Allbrook, it’ll be sure to make your day. Pond played songs from their recent 2019 album ‘Tasmania’ like Sweep Me Off My Feet and Paint In Silver which undoubtedly had the crowd grooving.

200115 - Mac Demarco - Mitch Lowe Photo-25

Last but not least, Mac DeMarco. Like a Californian dream but a few miles North. Supported by his ridiculously talented mixed bag of grapes the band had the whole stadium singing and giggling from their opening song ‘On The Level’. To use the term ‘cult following’ is actually warranted, i don’t think there were more than a handful of people in the audience not singing along to ‘Nobody’. It was like a choir and a bloody nice vibe. After playing all of their usual favourites with a few cheeky intervals, mac de-crowd banter, kids getting kicked out for smoking weed etc etc, the band bailed out on ‘Still Together. Im sure the crowd would have been keen for more but the guys literally played 21 songs. 21. So huge.

200115 - Mac Demarco - Mitch Lowe Photo-52

Not to sound mac n cheesy but I was done freaking out the neighbourhood and the stars kept calling my name viceroy scented dreams when I could be finally alone after cooking up something good. Maybe salad, all day. Ok, im done now.

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