Kacey Musgraves – The Tivoli

Kacey Musgraves – The Tivoli

Support from Bahamas

Written by Julia Crosswell

Photos by Mitch Lowe

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Oh, What a Night! The first leg of multiple Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves’ highly anticipated Oh, What a World tour proved to be an incredible and unforgettable night. Hundreds of people packed into every corner of the Tivoli, but that did not stop Musgraves from creating a sense of intimacy that made you feel like you were the only one in the room.  The almost 2-hour setlist featured tracks from her award-winning fourth studio album, Golden Hour, with some of her older classics sprinkled in amongst her latest hits.

The night kicked off with an impressive opening set from Canadian native, Bahamas. Afie Jurvanen’s tropical epithet perfectly represents his alternative folk sound. Filled with hits from his latest album, Earthtones, Bahama’s set left the audience on a high, anxiously awaiting Musgraves arrival.

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Musgraves began her set, bathed in an ethereal glow with her 2018 hit, Slow Burn. Hues of blue and purple suffused across the crowd as rainbow strobe lights brought the music to life. Throughout the show she chatted with the audience as if she were speaking to a close-knit group of friends, divulging her fears of Australian Wildlife (especially huntsman spider).

The Texan singer-songwriter and her incredibly talented band had such amazing chemistry, which is not surprising as they have been playing together for the majority of her career. Each member of her band, or the “Crispy Boys” as they call themselves, effortlessly switched between multiple instruments and singing backup vocals. It was clear that this band was no ordinary back-up band, turning the concert into an epic jam session as Musgraves and her band played off each other. The sounds of the banjo, upright bass and cello elevated Musgraves’ “space country” vibe.

Each song flowed seamlessly into the next aided by beautiful visuals projected behind the stage. The show culminated with the high-energy song, High Horse, with every member of the crowd singing along to the pop-country hit.


One thing was clear by the end of the night, Kacey Musgraves and her band know how to put on one hell of a show. She is one of the few artists that sounds better in person than she does on record, lighting up the stage with her powerful, yet beautifully gentle voice. We can’t wait until she returns to Brisbane, but until then we’ll be listening to her music on repeat.


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