Grouplove – Metro Theatre

GROUPLOVE – Metro Theatre – 15th Feb, 2018

Written by Veronica Paulus

Photos by Georgia Moloney

Grouplove, affectionately known as one of Triple J’s darlings, touched down in Sydney earlier this week for one of the last stops on their Australian tour—the first one in 18 months, in fact. Along for the ride were fellow indie rockers The Ruminaters, guaranteeing a headbanging supporting act to kick things off—all of which were slated to play at Sydney’s trustworthy Metro Theatre last Thursday.

Bursting onto set in a tantalising shower of blue lights to an indubitably buzzing crowd, Grouplove signalled the start of a damn good time with the kickass, feet-thumping anthem of our generation, Welcome to Your Life. Approximately thirty seconds into the show, it was apparent that the entire crowd—myself included—was enraptured by the electrifying atmosphere of pure energy that the band was known to exude. The moment Grouplove stepped onto stage (shiny, matching Doc Martins and all), they made one thing abundantly clear—this show was going to be a constant kick of adrenaline to the face, destroying any and all hints of reservation that one might’ve previously had; this was a night to let loose and have fun—and I’ll be damned if fun wasn’t had after Thursday’s performance.

Hell, ‘let loose’ might even be an understatement; between frontwoman Hannah Hooper’s mesmerising (frenzied, even), rhythm-accentuated dancing and counterpart Christian Zucconi’s punchy vocals, it’s easy to see why the band is loved for their live performances. Grouplove seamlessly carries this energy into the rest of their set, following their opening performance with a few select songs from their 2013 album, Spreading Rumours. Shark Attack, in particular, was a full four minutes of excitement from start to finish, with a highly addictive chorus that was well utilised for the eager crowd.


Thriving on the crowd’s wild spirit, the five-piece Californian band proceeded to showcase a glimpse of their fourth album with a song titled The End. The song sets a slow-burning pace, gradually eclipsing into a dirty chorus reminiscent of the sound of crunching gravel (read: angsty and badass), with an accentuation on heavy guitar riffs; ripping their way into the song’s spotlight.

This was no time for rest, however, as the band immediately kickstarted into crowd favourites Do You Love Someone, Raspberry, and Naked Kids to mark the end of the show’s first half, with the feverish crowd determined to make every track a hyped up sing along.

Before transitioning into the second half, Hooper took a second to remind us all of how important art is; “Everyone should make art,” she says to the cheering crowd. “It’s a great way to be in touch with people and yourself.” Resonating with truth and connection to the fans, Hooper’s words smoothly segued into the absolute headbanger that is Grouplove’s most renowned song, Tongue Tied, before prompting the band to engage in what could only be described as a true celebration of Aussie culture: the shoey. With the crowd roaring and chanting at their feet, the band’s bassist, Daniel Gleason, proceeded to take both his shoes off for the filthy act—but not before inviting The Ruminaters frontman Pencil to partake, of course. Ten seconds later, and the deed was done; freshly energised from the sacred Australian ritual, Grouplove went on to close the show with a bang, performing the rebellious rollercoaster Remember That Night, followed by the much loved Ways To Go.

With a graceful bow and an immensely heartwarming group hug, Grouplove exited the stage with a genuine speech that featured shoutouts to Triple J —claiming that they owe their careers to them—and Australia, of which they truly consider their second home.

Having been unfamiliar with Grouplove prior to the concert, I can safely say that my expectations were absolutely smashed; this is an act that everyone should 100% see.

I promise they won’t leave you tongue tied.

Written by Veronica Paulus

Photos by Georgia Moloney