George Maple – The Triffid

George Maple – The Triffid, Brisbane

Written by Ashleigh Kerr

Photos by Ryan Moes

Jess Higgs AKA George Maple, the highly respected female singer, songwriter, producer and visual artist from Sydney brought her live performance of her Debut Album ‘Lover’ to the packed-out popular music venue- The Triffid, Brisbane in February 2018.

Maple’s Triple J supported tour included an all-female line up. For her Brisbane show ‘Flex Mami’ and ‘CXLOE’ were her supporting acts. Both were excited to be a part of the tour and very excited for the audience to see what Maple had planned for her performance.

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Flex Mami/Lillian Ahenkan was the first supporting act for Maple. An Australian DJ who has made her unique mark on the club/night life scene throughout Australian cities since 2015. Mixing the best Rap, RnB tracks and sprinkling her set with some funk and house. Flex’s flawless transition between tracks and unique mixes had the audience well warmed up for the second support act of the night… CXLOE.


CXLOE, hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches is a talented singer and songwriter discovered by Triple J unearthed in 2017. CXLOE has made a big impression in the small amount of time since she has been discovered, being chosen to support Maple for her ‘Lover’ tour.

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CXLOE’s music has been described as dark, indie pop. Her lyrics are honest and tell a story, oh and definitely hit you with the feels! Performing her single ‘Tough Love’ which she released in 2017 as well performing amazing covers: Billie Eilish’s ‘Belly Ache’ and Rhianna’s ‘Needed Me’ which the crowd evidently loved as they sung along with her. CXLOE had an amazingly comfortable presence on stage considering her experience. The passion that flowed through her music during her performance and her humble demeanour made me a fan instantly! CXLOE is definitely making her way up in the music industry and I’ll definitely be watching her journey there!


George Maple’s debut album ‘Lover’ is a collection of 20 mesmerising tracks, several of which Maple performed during her show including ‘Hero’, ‘Lover’, ‘Kriptonite’ and ‘Slow Dancing’. Maple’s hypnotising lyrics and sensual RnB beats are said to easily be able to make the audience dance, cry and fall in love all in one short night and that couldn’t have been more accurate.

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George Maple’s entrance on stage made an unforgettable mark on the audience. Her silhouette appeared amongst the smoke, opening with her song ‘Lover’. As soon as she began to sing, the audience became hypnotised by her unique and powerful voice. Her artistic ability shined throughout her performance and it couldn’t be more obvious that Maple has true love for her fans as they do for her.


Maple had two amazingly talented dancers with her on stage which gave her set an unforgettable touch and blended in flawlessly with all aspects of her set.


It was when the show ended I realised not only myself but many others had not been able to tear their eyes away from George Maple throughout her performance.  If you haven’t seen George Maple live you MUST! A 10/10 all round performer with an absolutely outstanding vocal ability, there’s no way you will be disappointed!

Written by Ashleigh Kerr

Photos by Ryan Moes

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