DZ Deathrays - The Helm

Jack Gore / Live Music

DZ Deathrays – The Helm

Written by Tommy Noonan

Photos by Jack Gore


If the hot humid Sunshine Coast heat wasn’t enough to have everyone feeling moist. The young front man with bangs and a moustache from Pandamic certainly was. Beside Rhys now stands recent member Matt (also front man of Walken) on the bass pushing out some huge sounds and big harmony’s. Coming out with this full sound the fans were loving it getting a taste of a new unreleased song written fresh on the road With DZ last week. The kids were getting so hyped up they broke the stage in the last song from trying to rip the rail out of the ground!!

Local 5 piece High Tropics on next bringing in some good good noise with there slightly ‘Strokesish’ feel at times. Each time I see them they are better. They seem to have drifted right away from the slight pop sounds I had once herd. Which in my opinion is a change for the better. Defiantly a listen at home after the show type band. 

3/4 Girl gang Moaning Lisa mean business with some big harmonic rock sounds and what looked to be choreographed dance moves raising arms and flaunting stanch pit hair on que with the word “feminist”. In the moments before there final song I noticed deep breaths and a sense of zoning in among them and by the end of what must have been 8 minutes, I knew why. With massive builds and almost silent lows, there closer showed just what there capable of. 

By the time DZ stepped on stage the sold out and now jam packed Helm was hot hot hot and sweaty, with a bunch of kids seething to tare the place apart. And tare it apart they did, a certainly constant pit was bubbling and at times boiling over, leaving little of the perimeter safe to stand without being shifted by flying body’s or bouncers removing sweaty wet kids having to much fun. DZ pumped out there set in tight fashion with a side of we’ve been on the road. At request of a punter a shoey was politely turned down. As the punter was reminded the DZ boys are “not the fucking dune rats”