City Calm Down – The Triffid

City Calm Down – The Triffid

Written by Julia Crosswell

Photos by Claudia Ciapocha

 City Calm Down brought their highly anticipated Australian tour to the Triffid on Friday night, and the crowd was anything but calm. Off the back of their latest record, the four piece band were eager to put on ‘the best gig of their career’. Along with Brisbane based supporting acts Sycco and Sweater Curse, City Calm Down put on one unforgettable show.


The night kicked off with singer songwriter, Sycco. Despite it still being early on in the night, the funky first act of the night drew an impressive crowd, with each listener grooving along with her unique brand of psychedelic jazz. After Sycco’s impressive set, Sweater Curse took the stage. The up and coming Brisbane band shared their indie rock, intermixed with awkward-but-endearing banter with the growing crowd.


With the supporting acts done and dusted, it was finally time for the main event. The Triffid was now bursting at the seams, packed with a diverse crowd of all ages. City Calm Down opened with their latest ARIA-charting single, Television. Their perfect blend of electronics and instrumentals shone through each song, as the crowd erupted with each new hit.


The band’s set was perfectly intermixed with slow-jams and upbeat tunes, to the backdrop of an impressive light show. There wasn’t a still body in the audience as the crowd soaked up the band’s fun but commanding stage presence. The band showed off their impressive command of their instruments with their latest hit, Weather Man. Vocalist, Jack Bourke, got up close and personal with the crowd throughout Border on Control, noting some familiar faces from their earlier Brisbane shows, before throwing it back with their 2012 hit, Pleasure and Consequence.


City Calm Down performed each track with an incredible level of energy and enthusiasm, although drummer, Lee Armstrong, may have been a little too into it, busting a kick drum mid-set, and with an injured foot no less. The electric crowd were left on a high, as City Calm Down saved their best song for last.  In This Modern Land, drew an unmatched level of excitement from the audience, which exploded after the band instructed the crowd to sit down mid-way through the track, and jump up as the music reached its high.


With one final group bow, City Calm Down’s unforgettable Brisbane show came to an end. The combination of the band’s powerful pop anthems, Bourke’s brooding vocals, and polished, yet organic stage presence made for one extraordinary performance.