The Amity Affliction – Roundhouse London

Following the release of their fifth studio album, The Amity Affliction embarked on their latest European tour spread out across 24 dates. The boys from the Sunshine Coast weren’t traveling alone as they brought along Northlane, Stray From The Path and Wage War to share their tour memories.

The show was held on Tuesday the 6th of December at Roundhouse, an iconic venue for so many musicians. Roundhouse was built in 1846 and was transformed into an entertainment hall in 1964. It has facilitated some of the world’s biggest artists know to date including Jimi Hendrix. Joel (Amity Lead Singer) pronounced his excitement for this show as he exclaimed his dream of headlining such a world-renowned venue.

The night started strong with metal lovers pouring through the doors. As Wage War hit the stage, the room filled with leather jackets, band shirts and long hair. Stray From The Path kicked started the mosh pit as fans swung their bodies at each other. As the energy built, Northlane opened up a vortex with an incredible performance. The Sydney band left a large impression on London viewers as they listened and appreciated the heavy yet humble band. As the clock struck 10, The Amity Affliction stepped into the lights to showcase their latest project ‘This Could Be Heartbreak’. The Sunshine Coast band delivered an amazing set, diving between old and new classics. As the show progressed fans became more wild, screaming and banging their heads to each and every song. Between two songs, the band stopped and soaked up the atmosphere. The smile on Joel’s face was evident that everyone was having a good time. As the lights dimmed, ‘Encore’ echoed around the room. As the stage lit up, the band returned to perform yet another 3 songs. As the night concluded, metal lovers left the venue feeling satisfied covered in sweat. There’s something about Australian bands that leaves international viewers always wanting more.

Keep your eyes peeled as Amity continue their tour through Europe, Australia and America in the coming months.