DZ Deathrays & Dune Rats – The Moth London

Blood was shed last week in London as the Aussie Boys, DZ Deathrays and Dune Rats spat beers and whipped snot off their guitars for their international European tour. As I entered The Moth, the smell of cold beers and cigarettes lingered the room. As the lights dimmed the fans pushed closer to stage to get intermit with the band. The audience was warmed up by DZ Deathrays as they gradually increased the energy between each song. During their set, a loose Aussie decided that the surf was right and jumped on stage, only to jump straight back off into the crowd again. This was the start of a trend. Throughout the rest of the show there was an uncountable number of people crowd surfing as drinks were splashed and hair was whipped into faces. Feeding of this energy, Shane Parsons even jumped into the crowd to perform Reflective Skull, a personal favourite of mine. Following the sweat and excitement of DZ, the Dune Rats step foot on stage to curse the audience with swear words and dirty jokes. The mosh grew during their set and females appeared as they screamed at the Brissy Boys. The show lasted over 2hrs and no one left with clean clothing. There was more beer split then sipped which did not bother fans. Seeing a bunch of Australians having so much fun, made me feel at home. I wish the boys the best of luck as they wrap up their European tour and embark on their American leg. Can’t wait to see these legends again once on home turf.