The Internet – KOKO, London

Tuesday 8th of March saw The Internet perform to a sold out audience at the KOKO room, London. This was the first show off the European leg of the Ego Death Tour from which the group set the bar high with an outstanding live performance. Before The Internet tore the room apart, Wolfie, an up and coming UK artist, enlightened the audience with her positive energies and vibes. Her set was short but left a large impact on many Internet fans. At 8:30pm Sharp, Matt (Martians), Patrick (Paige), Jameel (Bruner) and Christopher (Smith) bounced onto the stage, grabbing their instruments and began to strum cords. After a short elegant instrumental, Syd The Kyd appeared from behind the drums, creating a large raw of screaming fans. It was over 2 years ago, since The Internet performed in London and therefore this event attracted many intermit supporters. Syd’s unique personality was exhibited during the show as she spoke on celebrating World Women’s day and cracked jokes with the audience. The bands set featured a range of sounds from their Souncloud, EP Feel Good and of course Ego Death their debut album. Jameel, was a stand out during the show as he pulled the most gnarly faces, ripped his shirt off and made love with the keys on his keyboard. The night ended after an hour and a half long set which left fans satisfied with an ear full of goodness. The bands success was noticed as they returned to the KOKO the night after to yet another sold out show. If you’ve never listened to The Internet, I would highly recommend their tunes if you like a smooth/ jazzy/ electronic style. Their music can be found on their Souncloud and bought on Itunes.