Danny Seth and Darq E Freaker teamed up on Wednesday the 13th of April to give London a raw experience of English talent through their event; The British Are Coming (TBAC). The event was organised to encourage collaboration and showcase up and coming talent of young UK artists. The event had a huge line up, featuring Tiffany Calver, Hudson East, Collard, Lancey Foux, Scruffizer, Darq E Freaker, Danny Seth, Cosmo, Siobhan Bell and the Neverland Clan. The show was held in the dark depths of the XOYO basement which was the perfect setting for a gritty & grimy atmosphere. Each act that entered the stage brought their own energy from which the crowd absorbed and fed off. The interaction levels in this show were largely recognized and therefore I believe this left fans feeling satisfied with their night. After experiencing my first TBAC event, I look forward to keeping my eye out for these artists and watching them grow.