Steve Aoki – O2 Brixton

Steve Aoki was no surprise a crowd pleaser during the Neon Future Tour healed at O2 Brixton on Friday the 19th of February. The Live visual tour kicked off at 1am with Steve producing the goods by opening with a galactic themed entrance that made you feel like you were traveling through space. Aoki’s set stretched over 2 hours with a range of entertaining skits that took this concert to the next level. Fans screamed and dance as champagne was poured onto the crowd along with confetti, fireworks and 3 massive cream cakes. Steve hand selected the few audience members who he wanted to cake including a die hard fan who was waving a ‘Cake Me’ sign during the whole performance and 2 beautiful women with large intriguing smiles. The mix held a variety of tunes ranging from old classics produced in the early 2000’s to more modern tunes such as work conducted by Jauz and Baauer. The SOLD OUT arena held 5’000 ravers searching for a good time. Steve thanked his fans by waving a large United Kingdom flag at the end of his performance to represent 3 sold out shows in 3 years. As the last song faded out, thousands of people flooded onto the streets to continue the party by chanting and reminiscing on the good memories.