Skeggs – The Triffid

Skeggs – The Triffid

Written by Jack Gobbe

Photos by Markus Ravik


You can’t miss the Skegss in the crowded Australian garage rock scene. They stand out for a reason. The Byron Bay trio has, over the past four years alone, crafted their own niche in the genre with material that never fails to adhere to the tried and true raucous sound while backing it up with undeniably catchy hooks and melodic instrumentation. The fact that this Australian tour sold out within a week is case in point for their rapidly increasing popularity, and it’s safe to say they gave Brisbane all they had at The Triffid.


Latest single ‘Up in the Clouds’ opened the night, a superb track that highlights the band’s capability to write more than just a loud Aussie punk track, evidenced by the low-key intro that ramps into utter chaos. It well and truly prepared the crowd for the rampage to come. This rampage continued with ‘Fun’, a fan-favourite from the band’s first EP that translated brilliantly to a live setting as the catchy chorus was bellowed by the crowd. The boys finally took a break afterwards, taking a minute to sip a beer and greet the more than rowdy audience. Although an extensive European tour would affect the best of artists, the trio showed no signs of weariness in the face of such an energetic crowd.


The welcoming riff of ‘Spring has Sprung’kicked things back off, with the following ‘Mustang’displaying the band’s undeniable talent for catchy surf rock tunes turned up a notch by their raucous punk edge. Occasionally slower, albeit bouncing tracks like ‘You Probably Won’t Die for a While’ and ‘Wake the Fuck Up’ slotted perfectly into the otherwise frenetic set, although the band never failed to turn the crowd into chaos, a testament to the raucous nature of their discography.



You couldn’t help but love the charming and downright catchy ‘New York California’, vocally consisting almost exclusively of that phrase alone while raging instrumentation saw the crowd erupt. As an undeniable highlight of the night, the tune even saw support act Dumb Punts return to the stage to participate in the onstage shenanigans.


With two songs left, the band reminded everyone where it all began with their first single ‘L.S.D’, a melodic tune with a chorus made to be played live. Closer ‘Got on My Skateboard’ followed a similar slower-paced sound, although true to the set so far the crowd couldn’t help but dance along to farewell the boys.


The Skegss have come a long way from their humble Byron Bay beginnings, but despite the increasing scale of each subsequent tour, the same care-free attitude and knack for surf punk tunes will always be there. You can’t help but fall in love with the Skegss.