Simple Plan – Fortitude Music Hall

Destroy All Lines Presents
Simple Plan – Fortitude Music Hall
Photos by Travers Southwell


Simple Plan electrified the Fortitude Music Hall on April 14th, captivating a sold-out crowd with their signature pop-punk anthems. As fans passionately sang along, the band effortlessly navigated through their extensive 20+ year catalogue, evoking waves of nostalgia and fond memories of teenage years.

Frontman Pierre Bouvier commanded the stage with infectious energy, moving the audience to jump and live in the moment. Touring in support of their latest album, “Harder Than it Looks,” Simple Plan showcased both their musical evolution and unwavering dedication to their core values.

Their performance was a testament to their enduring appeal, leaving no soul untouched as hands soared in the air during the punk celebration. Simple Plan’s live show was a triumphant reminder of the enduring power of music to unite and uplift.


You can stream Simple Plan’s latest album here; Simple Plan – Harder Than It Looks.