Rings of Saturn – The Brightside

Rings of Saturn – The Brightside

Written by Julia Crosswell

Photos by Vincent Shaw

Rings of Saturn-14

On Monday night, Rings of Saturn landed at the Brightside for the last stop on their long awaited Australian tour. Devoted fans were lined up outside the intimate venue, eagerly awaiting the night ahead. The self-proclaimed Alien Death Core band, along with special guests Dance Macabre, Eternal Rest and Hollow World, put on one hell of a show that will surely be remembered as one of the best metal shows of the year.


The night kicked off with Brisbane based band, Danse Macabre. Cloaked behind long, luscious manes, the band banged their heads along with the overpowering drums and bass. Despite the limited set time, the ‘black death’ band showcased their impressive command over their craft, playing tracks from their debut EP, Hamelin.


Next up was Hollow World. The sounds of melodic death metal engulfed the room, as the Melbourne based band executed severe riffs alongside a soaring melody. From the moment Hollow World stepped onto the stage, it was clear that the crowd was in for a treat. The theatrical, expertly executed set was taken to the next level by the expressive lead singer who took the highs even higher.

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After another quick break between bands, the growing crowd was eager to welcome the ‘sonic terror’ that is Eternal Rest. This group of Brisbane natives have been called the future of Australian Metal since taking the underground scene by storm in 2013. In a flood of red and blue light, the long haired band dramatically launched into their tight set. The energy radiating from the lead singer alone were enough to fill the whole of the Brightside. Despite a slight technical difficulty, the band was able to maintain control of the crowd, which was a testament to their commanding stage presence.


Finally, it was time for the main event. Rings of Saturn descended upon the stage with an out of this world entrance. The crowd rocked out in unison as spacey melodies rippled throughout the Brightside. Eerie galactic interludes were perfectly balanced between otherworldly intricate riffs throughout the set. Each instrumentalist got the chance to show off their insane talent away from the intense alien overtones as the lead singer took a step back from the mic. After a swift exit from the stage, the crowd grew impatient, demanding another song from the Bay Area natives. Uproarious cheers echoed throughout the venue as Rings of Saturn returned for their final song, which was their most energetic “alien death core” piece yet.


After four unforgettable acts, the crowd was well and truly rocked-out. With incredible special guests, Danse Macabre, Hollow World and Eternal Rest, Rings of Saturn put on a show that was out of this world.


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