Rejjie Snow- KOKO, London

This week it was snowing in London as Irelands top MC (Rejjie Snow) slid through the KOKO room to unleased a mystical and magnificent performance. The night began with Kirk Knight, a Brooklyn based poet who is assigned with Pro Era. Kirks energy was felt among the room as he had the crowd bumping to this tunes. You could see the smile on the young 20year olds face as he pranced around his stage like a boss. Kirk is only early into his career but has already made big waves within the industry and it was obvious through his live performance that he plans to continue to move forward within his music and production. Over the next few weeks, you can catch Kirk on his headlining tour through Europe, from which tickets can be found below. Then it was time. The charming, tatted Ireland Mc appeared with a big grin on his face. As the crowd was mostly females, you could just imagine the reception Rejjie received on that first glimpse. Rejjie performed almost everything from his catalogue from his smooth jazzy love tunes to his hard trapping rap songs. As a huge fan myself, I was speechless to be standing in the same room as this legend. During the set, Rejjie brought out Jesse James to complete his verse on USSR, a track which is featured on an early mixtape. Jesse’s verse was composed with a dark red light backdrop that produced a gritty cut-throat atmosphere. When it was time for Rejjie to leave, fans screamed for an encore. Rejjie stood still for a moment and smiled before saying ‘agh fuck it, here’s a new song’. Overall the night was one to remember and I look forward to seeing Rejjie again as he continues to grow his name worldwide.