Pixies – Riverstage

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I love that feeling of excitement as i’m walking into a live show, not just any live show but for one as big as this, The Pixies – Live At Brisbane Riverstage

Walking into the Venue, anticipation was in the air.. along with 90% humidity and a lightening storm brewing in the horizon, we didn’t know who would make it first, the weather or THE PIXIES?

As we cruised towards the bar you could hear supporting act and Melbourne Locals, The Murlocs rolling out their opening song. Everyone was definitely feeling their music and with Ambrose Smiths distinct voice and the bands groovy and laid-back stage presence, they gave an awesome opening performance for such a huge show.

I feel like seeing something like this just goes to show the Pixies influenced so many bands across the times, not just in the 90’s but of course bands now. They say the Pixies were influenced by The Velvet Underground, and they’ve passed the buck to huge acts such as Nirvana, the Strokes, Blur. Shit, even David Bowie and U2, earlier already self-proclaimed artists were influenced by the band during their own time.

As the pixies opened their show there wasn’t a faded smile in the house. In fact there were 2 30 something year olds behind us screaming every word to every song and giggling their guts out like the teenagers they once were. The front standing area hosted no vacancy and the thousand or so attendees perched on the hill were rocking out to what is still one of the worlds biggest bands.

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Cue – Where is my mind. Undoubtedly the bands most well known song but seemingly not their favourite, after a rushed performance they had everyone boogying to ‘here comes your man’.

This show was not one to disappoint, with Black Frances pumping energy into his performance it really showed through giant vocals more-so than every that his voice is one of the ages and not defined by his own.

Following songs performed by the band such as Monkey Gone to Heaven and Debaser had Joey Santiago hypnotising the audience with his fast fingers and intricate guitar riffs.

Special props to Paz Lenchantin, absolutely killing it in her first Australian performance with the band and to David Lovering for having the biggest smile in the crowd – you only get that good after being in a band this good.

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What an experience. In the hopes it will not be the last time I see The Pixies I left The Riverstage in a haze of aw, so stoked I got to see these guys once again.

Kurt Cobain once said if he could be in any band in the world, he would be in The Pixies. As all of our minds flutter with the same ticking as Kurts once had, we feel the same.

And no… it didn’t rain.

Written by Zennieshia Butts, Jacinta Butts & Shaun Brown. How many people does it take to write a review?

Mitch Lowe Photo - Pixies - Riverstage-3

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