Nothing But Thieves – Metro Theatre & Eatons Hill Hotel

Nothing But Thieves – Metro Theatre & Eatons Hill Hotel

Written by Roger Macdonald at Eatons Hill Hotel

Photos by James O’Connor at Metro Theatre


The vibe was exactly how you imagined it, porn crumpet delivered a banging liberating rythem which sent the 2 dimensional crowd into a psychodelic orgy. The good times and good sounds come straight out of the soul of the lads across from the west, slight tame imparla vibe, epic energy the guys were rocking. Nothing but thieves lived up to their names, stole everyone’s heart with real deal rock!

The lads come down here and they got it done all levels. on point, stein mullet, overalls, setting some sort of benchmark but in fact they truely are up there standing strong at their own bench.

If you were lucky enough to be at Eaton’s hill woolies on Friday night then you would have herd to witness this show then yes we know you were lucky, if you were not there, next time they are playing near you. Do yourself a favour and get in there, and if your not there you better be in jail, and if your in jail, Break out!

Overalls it was a real good show strong new mullet.