James Blake – UFO im Velodrom

Trinity Music Presents
James Blake – UFO im Velodrom
‘Playing Robots Into Heaven’ Tour
Photos by Travers Southwell


James Blake’s performance at UFO im Velodrom on Sunday, September 24th, was a mesmerizing journey into the depths of electronic music. The venue’s unique underground setting, with its striking round metal structure hovering above the stage, aroused the feeling of being inside a futuristic flying saucer.

Blake, known for his distinctive fusion of electronic and soulful sounds, was in top form as he graced the stage. The setlist was a well-crafted mix of tracks from his extensive discography, including recent chart-toppers like “Tell Me” and “Big Hammer.” What truly set this performance apart was Blake’s genuine interaction with the audience. He not only expressed his heartfelt appreciation for their support but also reassured everyone that the sonic journey they were embarking on was entirely live and created in the moment.


James Blake’s beautiful voice filled the space, intertwining effortlessly with his masterful manipulation of futuristic electronic sounds. The result was a sonic landscape that transported the audience to a different dimension.

For those who haven’t already, “Playing Robots Into Heaven,” his latest album, is a must-listen, as it captures the essence of his live performance – a blend of innovation, emotion, and pure musical artistry. James Blake’s UFO im Velodrom show was a testament to his musical prowess and a night that left fans eagerly awaiting their next abduction into his musical universe.