Ed Sheeran – Suncorp Stadium

Ed Sheeran – Suncorp Stadium

Written by Lachlan Eunson

Photography by Claudia Ciapocha


The name Ed Sheeran has struck a deep feeling of love, excitement and infatuation in the modern world for what seems like the entire age of the internet. The mega star has produced 3 solo albums with the biggest music names and has for the last year been touring his latest album ÷ (Divide). Brisbane as the last leg of his Australia/New Zealand tour was able to have 2 sold out stellar shows that melted the hearts of over 100,000 super fans at Suncorp Stadium.

After battling the thousands of fans trying to gain entrance, some of which had camped out overnight for the best position possible, I got myself in and was oddly nervous to finally see the fiery haired Englishman. Firstly, one of Australia’s throwback pride to fame Missy Higgins had the opportunity to warm up the masses that were filling up the stadium seats. After taking a moment to express her gratitude to all of us for getting there early enough to watch the opening acts, she got into an array of new and old bangers that struck a cloud of nostalgia over all of us. After nearly a 4 year hiatus, she had years of passion and excitement to deliver to all of us as she played through songs like Where I Stood, The Special Two, Everyone’s Waiting and her newest track 49 Candles. Showcasing her Aussie, country flare she gracefully showed us that she was back to stay. Missy ended the show with her most iconic song Scar, only solidifying her punching, beautiful vocals that we had definitely missed.


When the long electro mix cut and huge LED screen stage production showed of Ed walking out to the stage, the crowd absolutely went nuts. The energy and the vibrancy that was present was already enough to set the pace for the rest of the show. Strapping himself with an acoustic guitar, his famous looping station and the voice of an angel he wasted no time and got straight into Castle On The Hill and a faster paced Eraser from his brand new record ÷ (Divide). After explaining just how his looping station works and ensuring us that he is not lip syncing what so ever, it was incredible to watch him jam out and use his loop pedals to mimic the same power and energy that would rival a full orchestra. An instant throwback to one of his first ever singles A-Team melted all of our hearts before playing through Don’t, Dive and Bloodstream. The visuals that complemented the whole performance were astonishing. So much so that it was hard to pay attention to taking notes for this very review. The massive LED screens illuminated the stadium with tantalizing visuals that tore this show to a whole new level.

His sincerity and cheer for all of us to be amongst the crowd only excelled the infatuation we had for him to begin with. He had us all in the palm of his hands and we were all completely okay with it. Having been a while since his last time in the country it was an insane experience to see his guitar, looping station and vocal skills on such a large scale performance. Happier, Perfect and Hallelujah brought the pace down and let the crowd shine and sing these gentle ballads alongside Ed. At times, this performance bought out euphoric emotions. For some, this was a dream performance, and for many, this was THE dream performance. Bringing the energy back and showing his interactive flare, some green highlights took over the stage and the wonderful, boogie tune Galway Girl took over. Covering Nina Simone, Ed started to get into her original Feeling Good (1965) which then turned into I See Fire which was one of the most dynamic parts of the entire show. Photograph, Perfect and Thinking Out Loud took us into the last half of our time with him.


His myriad of guitars that interchanged after every song helped shroud the crowd in a sea of deep blues, purples and colourful animation while he blew us all away with his vocal mastery with every song. His innate ability to take the show back and forth from love ballads to fast paced, energetic pop bangers was a true spectacle. Nancy Mulligan and Sing saw Ed leave the stage to a crowd of 60,000 roaring fans wanting more and boy did he deliver. He came back on for an intense encore of Shape Of You, one of the first singles from the new album and You Need Me where he really featured some more of his looping and beatboxing skills while turning up the pace with his lyrical rapping ability. Some parts of this performance are ridiculously hard to describe. He was able to maintain a insanely vibrant amount of energy through times where you didn’t think would be possible.

He was charismatic, charming and an acoustic, pop powerhouse. His ability to connect with us throughout the whole show was a key element that really made it special. Everything about him was powerful and eye capturing. Along with the visuals, he was seriously able to take our minds to a place where the only thing to exist was the performance in front of us. Long story short, Ed Sheeran was mind blowingly good.