Born and Bred – London – Saturday


Festival season kicked started this Saturday at Hackney Park for Rinse FMs event, Born and Bred. Thousands flocked from all over the city to the east ends of London to catch a glimpse of the Grime, Drum and Bass, Reggie, Garage and electronic sound festival. Saturday kicked started at midday with Dj’s performing at all four stages at Born and Bred. The stages for this event were categories according to music genre and atmosphere. The management team did a marvellous job of organising and setting up this event as everyone felt welcomed and appreciated, back and front of stage.

The steaks were raised in the Lord of Mics Tent as thousands cheered for AJ Tracey to make an appearance. AJ is only a young Grime MC however is already making big noise in the industry as he has spent the last year and a half releasing gritty records. His live performances are filled with energy as he raps over hard and bubbly beats. This then results in absolute madness, as his fans go bonkers.

Following AJ, I decided to go for a walk around the festival to talk and mingle with the people. From observing and immersing myself in the atmosphere, it was obvious that the crowd was really enjoying the day. People were smiling, laughing and dancing as they made their way around the festival creating their own paths. I noticed a lot of people taking advantage of the ice cream stands that were spread out across the park. I guess there’s nothing better than drinking beer, eating ice cream and dancing to Reggie music on a nice Summers day.

As the day clicked over, more and more artists appeared around the festival. There were a few stand out acts that really need to be mentioned;

1. Benga and Crazy D really know how to interact with the crowd to ensure that everyone is up on their feet dancing.

2. P Money has a great sense of humour. Big Ups the ‘FUXX Azealia banks’ T-shirt

3. ILoveMakonnen is more than a rapper but a live music performer. Makonnen sweat out his set as he bounced around the stage, whipping his wrist and hyping up the crowd. DRINK MORE WATER!!!

4. DJ Slimzee is an OG.

5. DJ Slimzee is a walking Grime library…. Never has my ears experienced such bubbly sounds.

6. Jammer shutdown the Lord of Mics tent.

7. The masks worn at CASisDead were real futuristic. It felt Halo had overtaken the festival.

8. D Double E is the UK’s Snoop Dog. A veteran in the Grime game and a natural hippy.

9. Red Stripe is a great Jamaican beer

10. You missed out if you didn’t attend

As the festival came to a holt for a day, people’s vibes stayed positive as they knew that the weekend wasn’t over. Many people flocked back to Hackney Park the next day to continue weekend-long party.