Born and Bred – London – Sunday


As the sun rose on Sunday and the temperature grew, it was obvious that Born and Bred Festival was in for a good hot summers day. It was the perfect weather for a festival as there were no clouds in the sky. Day 2 began with a range of House DJs, that really created a vibe that involved everyone. The bouncy house mixes, had people up on their feet and grooving. Sunglasses were an essential item for the day as no one wanted to be seen with their skinty eyes. As I floated around the festival meeting people and taking flicks I observed some key elements that made this day so successful.

– Ice Cream and Watermelon stands are non-negotiable at summer festivals.
– A. G. Cook puts on a magical set that makes you feel like your floating on a cloud.
– Rap girls can beef
– Swamp 81 Allstars has a galactic vibe to their set
-Paigey Cakes is a G in her high socks and Nike Airs
-Beautiful girls prance around summer festivals like they own the place.
-Nadia Rose needs a ‘Bad Bitch’ alert siren
-It’s important to keep your liquids up at summer festivals to prevent the Red Strips giving you headaches.
-Fabio is a living legend
-Novelist is the youngest OG to walk this planet.
-Novelist likes to show off his gold teeth
-Jammer once again shutdown the festival
-Grime is an evolving genre which seems to grow over time.
-Grime artists interact with each other like family

My highlights over the weekend would most likely be meeting so many wonderful people. The festival was extremely polite and friendly that welcomed you as you entered and left. A big THANK YOU to Rinse FM for holding such a great event. A lot of hard work went into creating this atmosphere for music lovers and it’s important to recognize these people behind the scenes. If you didn’t make it this weekend, do not fear. Born and Bred will most likely be back next year with a bigger and better line up as it continues to grow. Don’t sleep on memories that you will keep forever.
AND if your Australian planning on heading overseas next year, I would highly suggest you plan your trip around this event. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you for having me Born and Bred, it was an absolute pleasure.