Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – The Tivoli

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – The Tivoli
Written by Tommy Noonan
Photos by Mitch Lowe

Mitch Lowe Photo - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-25
Being in the earlier arrival pool, I took my chance to get a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club shirt before the hustle. In the process, I couldn’t help but be drawn by a huge and full sound, blasting through the Tivoli. I made my way front right of stage. There, the picture was a four piece of long, wondrous locks donning righteous flares. Set in a very suited, warm ambient light, producing a noise I noted at the time as “Big sound dirty sweet synth rock” this was “the all girl band supporting BRMC” as I heard on the way to the venue. This was in fact, Stonefield, the sister band I won’t soon forget. Judging by the atmosphere they created, by the end of their set, I won’t be the only one.
Like all beloved bands, prime vantage estates began to be filled, claimed and politely muscled. You could feel the anticipation rising as the building became comfortably full. Smoke continuously filled behind the drums, and soon after the wait started to feel too long, darkness and silence hit followed by dim white light. Rebel took to the stage graced with sea of hands, whistles and applause.  Peter and Robert both rocking the classic leather jackets. With the first light strum a huge sound erupted as well as big feed back pop as Robert cringed and continued into ‘Spook’ from the new album ‘Wrong Creatures’. A newer sound from them I had been excited to hear that couldn’t disappoint. The crowd erupted and became rebels putty as the opening riff of ‘Beat the Devils Tattoo’ started, and most broke into a sing along. At which point, heated jackets were off, and the same sing along followed with the harp foot stomper that is ‘Howls- Ain’t No Easy Way’. Then again with the mega reverb guitars that ‘Wrong Creatures- King of Bones ‘ brings left any final convincing of their new work at rest. Next hit the the older and powerful ‘Berlin’ and ‘Conscience Killer’.
Mitch Lowe Photo - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-23
Before they slowed the build with ‘Haunt’ and ‘Question of faith’ and the very early ‘White Palms’. They carried that softer rock feel into back to back acoustic solos. Building again with another ‘Howl’ foot stomper. It wasn’t long before the energy was rising again and Peter was standing atop the bass stack in lordish rocker form. The next 20 minutes filled mostly with todays rendition of songs from the self titled 2000 album. Peter then addressed the crowed with genuine emotion gobsmacked, thankful and apologetic for the $80 fans had paid to get them out here. The response, a long roaring applause that sent a message of “With out question we would pay more”, it was humbly received.  As ‘Spread Your Love’ ended and BRMC left the stage, the crowds deep applause rolled seamlessly into a ever building encore chant… until Rebel took the stage again. The veteran rockers returned and gave the people what they wanted with two more. Ending on the huge ‘Whatever happened to My Rock ’n’ Roll’.
I left the show with a sense of how time had built these friends into a polished, powerful and original performance group. Ever cool, calm and collected, with a love for what they do. In my biased opinion, one of the greatest.
Lets hope they come back soon.
Mitch Lowe Photo - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-13