BigSound – Tuesday

Setting the pace for Bigsound as one of the first bands to take to the stage, IV League took straight into Lit Screen. Immediately the beautiful chimes of 3 guitars pull everyone to the front of the outdoor stage at The Brightside. Her hypnotizing voice combined with the visual backdrop on the walls above helped the Melbournian picturesque indie rock band jam their set into Varsity and Fidelity. All in the meanwhile the crowed slowly started to build dance around with the band themselves. Bringing out a newly recorded single One Trick Pony, Bright Young Thing and their new banger Change My Mind took us to the wind down of their set while fully enforcing to us why they are swiftly making a name for themselves in the Aussie indie rock scene. Their songs Bleached and Sylvia wound their showcase to an end. IV League drowned us in a showcase green and blue lights and a set full of energy.

Good Boy (2)

Good Boy at their hometown crowd


Quickly having to cruise over to The Wooly Mammoth landed me in a world of wide eyed, peach skin vibes. Donny Benet was the next artist on my showcase hit list and oh boy was it a sight to see. Walking in to an already full, ambient room, Donny Benet slid onto the stage to grace us with smooth, sexy vibes straight form the 80’s. A delightful surprise saw a saxophone player and a double synth keyboard on stage helping Donny play his hits Sophisticated Lover, Working Out and Sex Tourist. These tunes introduced the saxophone in full force and the seduction levels increased along with the sweaty, groove musk encased us all. Taking a tip from those 80’s aerobics workout videos, Donny Benet danced around, giving us an insight into what happens if your being does not want to leave the 80’s era of push up bras and spandex. Love Online, Konichiwa, and Powerful brought us to the end of the saxophone solos and sexy smooth vocals. Humbly thanking everyone for visiting this “D-list celebrity” he took it out in a vocal stretching, newly recorded single I Don’t Want You To Leave Me/On The Coast Of Santorini. He emanated a fluorescent pink painting from a Karma-Sutra book and that’s all that needs to be said. One of the greatest highlights of the jam packed Bigsound nights.

West Thebarton (4)

West Thebarton gaining new heights.

Having to find a wind down, I managed to make it to The Blackbear Lodge where Alexander Biggs showcased Bigsound, which he decided to address the irony in saying that to ease the pain of the joke he had heard far too much. The up and coming Melbourne acoustic singer encased the whole room in chill, intimate vibes as soon as he took his guitar and got into Now I Leave You Here and Tidal Wave. The long haired charm boat brought out slight country vibes, complex layers of guitars, drums and his endearing voice somehow made me feel like I was sitting amongst long grass in a beautiful Alaskan landscape. I’ll Go My Own Way and his new single Figure It Out followed came before a few thanks for finding the time to see him, which was all an absolute pleasure. Finding perfect moments to elaborate on irrelevant topics was a specialty of his but only added to his charisma and charm. If his music didn’t make you fall in love with him then either his hair or personality, most likely both would have done the job. Ending his special showcase with The Less We Talk, Gone Again and Out In The Dark held the crowd on edge as he allowed us all to tap into our deepest feelings and be absolutely okay with them all. He left the most potent, loving hug around Brisbane and Bigsound.

Confidence Man (15)

Punters enjoying the BigSound artists.

Having seen WAAX before I still felt like a kid knowing he was going to Disneyland, I WAS PUMPED. Holding the strength of Brisbane on their backs, WAAX poured onto the stage ready to perform to their hometown crowd. Playing a mix of “new, medium and old tunes” they wasted no time in punching out This Is Everything, I For An Eye and Nothing As Always. As their long hair flipped around stage and the punching female vocals bounded through the carpark, constant head banging and moshing had arisen in full form. Fade and their absolute banger Same Same just showed more strong bass, ripping electric guitar and loud drums taken to a whole new level. Their ability to connect with the crowd while providing a strong, vibrant environment to just let loose in a cloud of reds and yellows is a pure example of why WAAX is slowly taking over Australia. As the bangers did not stop, they sported one of the most hectic moshes from the crowd as Wild & Weak and You Wouldn’t Believe wound their showcase to a close. Letting loose and having no care in the world is a specialty of the Brisbanites as they own the stage doing what you can see they love. Loud, strong and extravagant only just start to sum up the flow of motions from the 5-piece. Brisbane should count themselves lucky that this punchy rock group resides in their presence.

Confidence Man (10)

Confidence Man at one of the standout sets of the conference.

Ending the first night of Bigsound showcases, Norwegian’s indie rock band Sløtface had the grace to travel and bless us with their bouncy tunes and gorgeous dance moves. They jumped onto stage with their compilation of extraordinary lights emanated very strongly Californian punk pop vibes. Heading straight into Pitted and Night Guilt. Their funky guitar riffs, jazzy drumming and balanced vocals covered the venue in a green shroud of delight. A brief pause for tuning allowed to band to take the opportunity to whip out a disposable film camera and ask for a photo, before then lunging it into the crowd and asking for it to please be returned when full. Sponge State and a new un-named track to be released gave us a taste of what more is to come from this Norwegian ball of fun. Nancy Drew and Backyard continued the dancing as the light hearted band flung their bodies around stage. Their well-known Empire Records closed their showcase with the perfect send off from the first night of Bigsound. The band was fast, fun and had the intensity that could trap a stadiums worth of people into dancing along with them. It was a special treat to see a brief insight to what Norway likes to jam out to.

Check out the shots from Danny Foster on Day 1 of BigSound

Words by Lachlan Eunson.