BigSound – Thursday

Trailing into night 3 after what was 2 nights of huge music previously, my expectations were high and my energy levels were depleting. The First show on my night of music was OKBADLANDS at The Wooly Mammoth. These guys in my opinion one of the most exciting up and coming bands rising out of Brisbane and I was so pumped to see them that I rocked up 45 minutes early, and it was all worth it. The glittery synth, jazz pop band took over the stage and the room within an instant when the burst out the gates charging through Alchemist, Mineral, D&G and Standing Too Close. As a fairly new band to the scene they seemed a bit shy on stage but were so focused on giving us the perfect showcase of smooth, calm tunes to transport our beings to some planet of pastel disco. A nice dosage of banter proved to be the charisma that they needed to charm us while Moonfall, Less More and their big banger Pty Ltd wound their show to a close. Their unique sound brought an exciting factor of wide eyes grooves and are an integral and exciting part in their presence.

Hatchie (2)

Hatchie at a packed out Oh Hello

A quick trip to Oh Hello to the Triple J Unearthed stage of the festival meant that I was seeing Ruby Fields. Heading to one of Brisbane’s most iconic turn up locations for see a young rocker chick from Sydney was an odd experience to be that relaxed and not louder than your ears can take. Luckily there wasn’t an obnoxious amount of green and signage to let us all know Triple J were hosting this stage, OH WAIT THERE WAS! Never the less Ruby came out guns blazing to show us all what she had to offer. Trouble, Ridalin, Libby’s Pink Car and Fairly Lame Fairly Tame started her showcase and seriously got the crowd moving. The room was now completely full and her attitude and punch was in full swing. After getting a photo for her parents who couldn’t make the show she took into a cover of Garbage’s, Cherry Lips, P Plates and finished it with I Want. She was grateful that we all went to see, in her words, “this dickhead” which was a delight. For such a young gal her confidence and rockin’ attitude is something unforeseen in her genre of angsty pop rock.

Ocean Alley (1)

The Met hosting Ocean Alley, one of Australia’s next up and coming stars.

Another odd experience led me to what was another Brisbane icon THE MET, which they delightfully changed their name to 256 Wickham. Maddy Jane was the next artist on my hit list that I had to absolutely see. Tasmanian’s Aus rocker chick was gearing up for her last showcase of the festival while wearing some seriously awesome glittery, flared, gold pants. Playing her new single Not Human at All and Thank You And Sorry. Her “kind of break up song” let her show off her funky self in whipping her hair around the place with her performing band following suit. She was pulling on some Fleetwood mac/Stevie Nicks strings which was a refreshing aspect in today’s music society. Drown It Out and Say You Weren’t Mine about a “really fucking bad break up” yet featured some intense guitar riffs while still being intimate and stripped back. Ideal and No other way found ourselves dancing all the way to the end of her showcase. Big or small stage I’m sure it doesn’t matter for Maddy Jane and I’m sure she would give it her all either way like she just did for us. She was the coolest mix of Courtney Barnett fused with Stevie Nicks and was far better than I was expecting. Please come back…

Boat Party (3)

Ladies of Boat Party at The Brightside

I started to get reflective on my wait for A.D.K.O.B at The Zoo because I knew the whole experience was coming to an end for 2017. A.D.K.O.B were probably the best band to house my emotions with their experimental, synthy, bass, show pop. A.D.K.O.B utilized almost every little piece of equipment in sight dancing and rocking through their gallery of tunes. Ghost, Canada, Lathe and Amphibian chauffeured the room to the mid-way of their set where they managed to maintain an intimate, fun and heart felt ambiance while being able to just rock out on the stage they had. The front man’s catching voice next to the beautiful bass, keys and drums worked perfectly on their own yet they managed to live sample large amounts of experimental looping and delaying vocal tags and sounds. While adding their “different kind of busy” character to the mind frame of us all they took us all somewhere beautiful with Helium, Giraffe and Mountain which sadly ended their showcase. Their sounds are brave and push the envelope within Australian music. They were a lot beauty to take in and as they say themselves, they were “a different kind of busy” and held me captivated as my hips swung the entire show.

Taj Ralph (1)

Taj Ralph serenading the crowd.

The time was here. The time for the last show of the 3-day mega music showcase and that last show was Hockey Dad. Heading to The Elephant Hotel’s back bar and stage to where, for the first time, I had real troubles trying to see and gain a vantage point to soak in the experience. Since the release of their album Boronia the band have been introducing Australia to their surf rock whirlwind and what a blessing it was to have it roll through Brisbane during Bigsound. Somehow the 2-piece encapsulated the whole venue, if not multiple around with just an electric guitar and drum kit, while sharing vocals. They blasted out Cant Handle Them, A Night Out With, Jump The Gun and Dylan’s Place to open the gates to what was a very extended set of mayhem. There were crowd surfers, people on top of shoulders, a classic ‘shoey’ and a whole load of jumping around. Their game changer I Need A Woman, Seaweed, Lull City and Laura did what seemed like closing the show, but as in the most YOLO fashion they just played one more. Hunny Bunny did the official close and finish to Hockey Dad’s showcase and to Bigsound as an event. Hockey Dad used their charm and aloofness to absolutely own the stage and be the most outrageous, epic ball of fun to show us all a good time come the end of the music packed week. It’s like they took us to a footy game, bought us a beer and shouted us a meat pie all before yelling sweet tunes directly into our ears. They were the perfect end to cap the music rendezvous that is Bigsound.

Hockey Dad (6)

Hockey Dad pulled one of the biggest crowds of the week.

If you have never been to Bigsound and have just read this, then you need to go. Words only provide the most minimal fraction of the experience and it will change your life. The whole week was full of fun, great people and amazing music and wholly brought Brisbane’s region of music under light, while being an awesome host for outside acts to join in on the fun and show us all their tunes. I better see you at Bigsound 2018.

Gallery below by Danny Foster

Words by Lachlan Eunson