AllDay – The Tivoli

To make one last hurrah on his “Speeding” national tour before heading back to LA, ALLDAY ventured to Brisbane after a large month of travelling, including even being on the bill for Splendour in the Grass. Gracing the historic Tivoli on the 29th of august, he, Japanese Wallpaper, Nicole Millar and Mallrat put on a show to say the least.


As the crowd gradually grows from the never-ending line waiting out front, the filler tunes cut, the whole room turns red and the home town girl Mallrat bounces on stage. Getting straight into a well-known sing-a-long For Real. Since her strike to fame she has since toured with big names such as TKAY MAIDZA and Thundamentals, and it shows as she charismatically twirls around on stage, caressing the crowd’s ears with Sunglasses and Uninvited and more from her debut EP Uninvited.


Walking out to a well-known banger Tell Me by Golden Features that she blesses the vocals with, Nicole Millar engaged with the crowd for the next half an hour. She strutted her stuff all over the stage while the colourful LED backdrop hypnotised the crowd. She somehow transitioned flawlessly through 30 minutes of colourful, bouncy songs and stage performance, while also fitting in another huge feature on High by Peking Duk. Her songs No Bad Vibes, and Signals tied the whole feel together in a rose-coloured aura.


As the next band roll out with several guitars and keyboards, Japanese Wallpaper takes the stage for a much calmer, dreamy cloud pop tone. Accompanied by E^ST on back-up vocals, they smoothed out the attitude before ALLDAY’s set. After releasing his self-titled album ‘Japanese Wallpaper’ in 2016, he had captured the hearts of many us with songs like Breathe In, Between Friends and Cocoon. Even allowing Airling to take the stage and help him belt out their eminent tune Forces.


Here it was, the lights cut and the beat to First Light took over and the long haired, indie dream boat bounced on stage getting straight down to business. He and his DJ, Mikey Hunj, performed as a duo as they both took the front of the stage sporting a classic rap show water bottle spray over the crowd. His charisma, long hair and relentless rapping immediately shrouded Tivoli as he continued into Sides – the first single released off the new record Speeding. A surprising amount of energy emanated from the stage while throwing back to 2014 artsy raps with Claude Monet. An energy only produced by the self proclaimed “Chubby Boy”.


At this point, my stable place on the mezzanine was questionable from the number of bouncing fans going crazy over their love for the man himself. The huge LED backdrop paired with a beautiful spread of lights intrigued the minds of everyone as ALLDAY bounced through Codeine 17, Raceway and Send Nudes. Mild nudity warnings should have been displayed while fans had no quarrels lifting their tops. He beautifully brought Mallrat back to stage to help with their dazzling track Baby Spiders before surprisingly pulling out his brilliant cover of Childish Gambino’s 3005 and Wolves from his debut album Startup Cult. It was loud, it was bright and it was beautiful. His pastel atmosphere is unique to his shows as we felt overwhelmed to experience the Love Rap Superstar do his thing.


Without any indication of slowing down, ALLDAY provided us with big tunes No Saint, Right Now and In Motion, pulling out Japanese wallpaper to help him serenade us. His innate ability to keep the crowd concentrated and excited through an array of tracks from 2014 and prior while brilliantly showcasing his new record Speeding reminded us all why we all still scream for his dreamy, curly locks and his individual soft grunge rap. Ending the show with You Always Know The DJ, he bought us an intense experience of bright lights, loud cheering and an overwhelming love, visually and sonically for the performances that took place. ALLDAY was a perfect headline for an all-star line up as such and has definitely solidified his place in the Australian music scene.

Thank you ALLDAY for tattooing our minds forever of this night.



Photos by Nico Ford