Sticky Fingers

Thursday night with the smell of the weekend. The scent of lit joints blowing through the crowd as Brisbane’s HiFi fills up for Sticky Fingers.

The hour and a half drive to Brisbane for each show is always a pump up, loud music and strong drinks get you in the state for a good damn night.

The first act, Lyall Moloney, to be honest was a real shock, Lyall knows how to create an atmosphere thats for sure, I couldn’t see a better performer opening for Sticky Fingers. Too much funk to stand still to and the whole crowd agreed.

I did miss the second act Boo Seeka, thanks to a meeting with a wine bottle in a dark alleyway full of encounters with slugs and drunken punters singing along to their iPhones.

Two consecutive sold out shows in Brisbane for Sticky Fingers is quite an achievement. I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan of Sticky Fingers because I honestly have just never given them a try. I completely see why they are regarded as one of Australia’s great live acts currently. Their energy and stage presence is rare to come by and the crowd just got way too excited, the sea of people flowing over the barriers was definitely a give away of how excited Brisbane was last night.

The Sydney boys definitely didn’t disappoint, keep your fingers sticky for Hugh Burke’s photos of tonights sold out show for SaveTonight.