Flight Facilities’ recent arrival.

Flight Facilities // The Triffid // 10/05

Written by Jack Gobbe

Photos by James O’Connor at Groovin The Moo Maitland 2018

With a debut album that scored countless accolades and positioned them among Australia’s leading electronic artists, it was no surprise to find such an eager crowd at the Triffid awaiting the arrival of Flight Facilities.

Support artist Alice Ivy held the excited crowd at bay with a brilliant half-hour set, serving up-tempo beats that were reminiscent of The Avalanches and indeed Flight Facilities themselves. The one woman army, equipped with a MIDI keyboard and guitar, drew all attention to herself with unbridled energy and remarkable artistry.

The sold-out show finally kicked off when, decked in their namesake airline apparel, Flight Facilities opened with a pair of pulsating instrumentals that loosened up the crowd and exhibited the Sydney duo’s mixing prowess. The first of two guest vocalists, Ric Rufio, joined the boys to perform the first of many crowd pleasers, “Sunshine”, in which Rufio covered Reggie Watts’ feature with ease as the crowd erupted into joy.


Rufio was joined by second vocalist Grace Pitts for the first of their new material, “Stranded”, which saw the vocalists and Flight Facilities unite to great effect. On that note, other recent singles “Arty Boy” and “Need You” slotted perfectly into a set-list packed with such iconic hits from the past few years, proving that the Flight Facilities hasn’t lost their touch for house-infused pop bangers. The Sydney duo never lets the risk of letting the show lose momentum arise, sprinkling the guest vocal-led tracks around their signature deep house instrumentals such as “Down to Earth” and “Apollo” to keep hips moving.

As one would expect from such a female-led guest vocal presence throughout their discography, it was no understatement to say that Grace Pitts had her work cut out for her. Nonetheless, it didn’t take long to realise just exactly why the 21-year-old was chosen to tour, living up to the phenomenal studio features with soaring vocals. Shining particularly on “Clair de Lune”, Pitts’ heavenly talent took the already iconic song to another level, with the Triffid illuminated by phone light as the awe-struck faces of the crowd matched those on stage. Although featured less throughout, Rufio delivered a stellar performance with every chance he had. As Flight Facilities launched into a rendition of Drake’s “Passionfruit”, Rufio matched the Toronto artist’s soulful croon with a spark that left the whole crowd mesmerised.

Awe-inspiring moments like this occurred throughout the night, and as the show concluded with the ethereal “Two Bodies” and “Crave You”, one couldn’t deny the way in which Flight Facilities captured an entirely emotional and cinematic aspect in their sound and translated it so precisely to a live setting. Although they’ve departed, for now, I’ll be anticipating Flight Facilities’ next arrival.